Rebecca Kaplan is going to sweep into the
AD15 race late and take it.

➤I think its absolutely useless to do an analysis of the 15th Assembly District’s current large field of candidates because the person who will sworn-in December 2018 is even in the race yet. I think sometime early next year, Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan will enter the race and gain momentum and media attention that nobody in the current field will have attained. There’s a reason why there is so many candidates to replace Tony Thurmond, because every one that has entered the race has failed to move the needle. This only entices others to assess the field and figure they too have as good a shot as anyone else. That ends with Kaplan.

➤I think former Oakland Councilmember Ignacio De La Fuente running for mayor against Libby Schaaf seems akin to a police or fire chief coming back a few years after retirement just to spike their pension. IDLF is going to take it on the chin next year. Why have a monumental beat down on your record? What does he have to gain? If he needs money, I suggest working for Apple. The Holy Grail for improving Siri, I heard, is to create an algorithm that can translate IDLF’s voice into a human language.
➤I think Hayward Councilmember Elisa Marquez should gets some inspiration from her Rep. Eric Swalwell, defy political convention and challenge Mayor Barbara Halliday‘s re-election. Sure, Halliday has been an ally to Marquez, but politics isn’t about friendship, it’s about helping people. Hayward has big, big problems made worse by a group of elected officials who haven’t offered many solutions over the past decade. Halliday has been ineffectual during her first term–but newsflash!–she got elected without having any ideas for improving Hayward. In fact, she said during the 2014 election that Hayward would never be as good as some richer cities in the East Bay… and she STILL won! How does Marquez beat Halliday? By acknowledging 40 percent of the city is Latino and Halliday did nothing to protect them from Trump and ICE agents.

➤I think that next year voters should be asking candidates for city council’s all over the East Bay about what kind of city manager they would hire if the position is ever open during their term. The dirty secret in almost every City Hall in the East Bay is city managers are almost always raging conservatives. Why do many people vote for council candidate based on their perceived political ideology but not the city manager, who runs the day-to-day operations of the city? Maybe the only recent city manager who was not a conservative was former Alameda City Manager John Russo. But he had far different background than most bureaucrats because he was a former Oakland councilmember.
➤I think you should Google my appearance at the Commonwealth Club of California from last December to hear me blurt out a prediction that Rep. Eric Swalwell is going to run for president in 2020. Sure enough, he’s visited Iowa quite a few times this year, especially for a congressman from the East Bay. Through this lens the excessive appearances on cable news makes a lot more sense. If they invite me back (I was a former intern at the Commonwealth Club), I’ll predict he loses.

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  1. By MW:

    Let's discuss the next to last paragraph of this article, and which asserts that the East Bay's politicians, and no matter how extremely liberal they are, OR PERHAPS AT LEAST PRETEND THEY ARE, once they win a seat on the city council, select an extreme conservative to be the city manager.

    But let's be realistic, most celebrities and bigshots are total phonies and complete frauds, and whose public image is the total opposite of who they really are (Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Bernard Madoff, Kevin Spacey, Jim and Tammy Baker, and Jim Jones, and later of Jonestown infamy, are just a few examples), and so therefore if they are politicians running for public office, they feed the voters a lot of lies and garbage as to where they supposedly stand on the issues.

    And most of the politicians who say they are liberals are among the very biggest and most extreme phonies and frauds of all.

    In fact just in case I win a few hundred million dollars in the lottery (and altho that is extremely unlikely, since going all the way back to when lottery fever got into high gear in California, and which was over thirty years ago, my wife and I have spent less than one hundred dollars total on lottery tickets, or less than an average of three dollars a year), I am going to buy a big fleet of buses, and then ferry the homeless to the neighborhoods, and even the front lawns, where such creatures as Dianne Feinstein, Bill Lockyer, and Nancy Pelosi, and who pretend to be liberals, live.


  2. re the penultimate point, the issue of recent controversy for Alameda City Manager Jill Keimach was over her selection of the new fire chief. In doing so, I hope she was not looking for either a conservative or a liberal fire chief, much less one who is a raging anything. The major issues that the new fire chief will face will not likely be ideological ones. Hopefully, the selection was made on the basis of who she thought could best manage personnel and a budget and put out fires.


  3. Barbara Halliday consistently does zero for Hayward. She's rude to the citizens during council meetings, she doesn't even attempt to have coherent answers during debates and candidate forums. Halliday can't even seem to remember the things she has voted to approve during council meetings. She doesn't serve the Public. She serves herself, the Developers, people in the Hayward Hills, the Police Officers Association, the Firefighters Union, Mike Sweeney and all the old farts who want to keep things ass backwards. Her ex-Southgate Neighbors never got the neighborhood grocery store that she promised. Its time for new leadership and a mayor who can relate to the Public without getting pissy all the time.


  4. I think you are correct Steven. Elisa Marquez would be a good mayor of Hayward. I doubt if Elisa would bang the gavel like a baby in a high chair and wail “But I'm the mayor!” like Barbara does.


  5. I think Rebbeca a Kaplan would be an excellent choice to serve in the state legislature. Libby Schaaf should have smooth road towards reelection


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