Hayward Councilman Mark Salinas announces challenge to mayor’s re-election

Hayward Councilmember Mark Salinas also ran
for mayor in 2014, finishing second.

Hayward Councilmember Mark Salinas made the ultimate political campaign gamble in 2014 when he eschewed likely re-election to the City Council for a run for mayor. His wager, though, came up short. But, after recapturing his council seat last year, Salinas announced Thursday that he is launching another run for Hayward mayor.

“I’ve learned one indelible truth about our city: we’re resourceful and together we are committed to making Hayward better. Today, neighborhoods are standing with each other and we’re looking straight ahead to the future,” Salinas wrote in an email to supporters and on social media.

“We’re enthusiastic about our city’s growth, we’re hopeful for Hayward’s economic prospects, and what’s on the horizon is potentially our city’s best years. We cannot miss this opportunity to elect a Mayor who is enthusiastic and motivated to make Hayward the best possible place for families. I am that candidate.”

Also: If you kept tabs on the East Bay Candidates List, you already knew Mark Salinas was showing interest in the Hayward mayoral race. Click here to see how other races are shaping up.

As a native Hayward resident, Salinas suggested the city currently lacks a perspective on its future.
“I am running for Mayor because Hayward needs a Mayor who represents what Hayward is today and who represents what Hayward can be in the future. We need to plan for the next two generations and make their success not by accident but by purpose. Hayward deserves a Mayor who will do whatever it takes to make our city the place for innovation, entrepreneurialism, and jobs,” Salinas wrote.

“Hayward is a city of families, and we deserve a Mayor who will ensure strong neighborhoods, safe neighborhoods, and neighborhoods where all families can plan to spend the rest of their lives. Today we stand looking at the future with so many possibilities on the horizon. We can’t let this opportunity with so many possibilities get away from us.”

Hayward Mayor Barbara Halliday is expected to seek re-election next year, and, in fact, her campaign recently held a fundraiser. The 2014 mayoral race included three sitting councilmembers–Halliday, Salinas, and Francisco Zermeno.

The surprisingly moribund race to replace long-time Mayor Michael Sweeney was won by Halliday with 38 percent of the vote, followed by Salinas with a respectable 31 percent. Salinas later sought an appointment to fill the last two years of Halliday’s council term, but the pick went to Elisa Marquez. Salinas was elected last year to City Council, winning the second at-large available seat on the council, and just a few votes short of finishing first. He was first elected to the council in 2010.

9 thoughts on “Hayward Councilman Mark Salinas announces challenge to mayor’s re-election

  1. I cannot endorse people who have avocated for Hayward to be a Sanctuary City, and that would include the entire council and current mayor. They all vote Yes, and that is before the govenor made California a Sanctuary State.


  2. Barbara Halliday can't even remember the things that she has voted to approve in her decade on city council. She does remember to take credit for stupid stuff, like that 90 million dollar boondoggle new century library that residents will have paid off in 30 years. Italian marble, etched glass Corinthian leather and all, directly across the street from the Hayward Fault. How visionary! There should be term limits because of Barbara and Marvin. All those years of rubber stamping, seat warming and going with the flow have taken a toll on Hayward taxpayers. She'll back peddle on things like The Hayward Loop, votes in favor of raising taxes, wasting money on fake titles and contests like “The All America City,” trips to China in the guise of attracting businesses to Hayward, trying to promote her pet projects, and wasting money on an official poet laureate for Hayward. Halliday is useless, except to the Developers. Always reticent to act in favor of all citizens equally. Rude and condescending. Not serving the populace. Don't waste your vote on that one.


  3. It is time to remove any incumbents. Barbara Halliday needs to retire. It is quite obvious she can’t count and has never balanced the budget, since she has sat on the council or as mayor. Salinas is not the answer either. Marvin P. seems to be the only councilman who wants to balance the budget, plus not over spend. The only thing this council does well is tax the public for their shortcomings.
    This council violates the Brown Act every time someone speaks and they don’t like what they say. Why read the disclaimer or post it, before public comment, it they don’t follow through? I propose they should have to pay a hefty fine every time they violate the Brown Act. Those hefty fines for opening their mouths at the wrong time ,to try to discredit someone, should go into the general fund to help balance the debt they created.
    Hayward does not have leaders who can add and subtract, even with a paid lawyer, city manager and city accounts.We have two colleges in this city and no credible leaders.


  4. Barbara Halliday thinks that Hayward is aolving the housing crisis by building new,homes and apartnents that Hayward residents cannot afford to buy. There is an affordable housing crisis and the million dollar homes being built in Hayward won't help us.


  5. Salinas is hopeful for Hayward's economic future, whereas Halliday is always being Chicken Little by saying Hayward will be broke in 2019. Hayward will be broke if she wins that seat for another term. Time to kick Halliday to the curb.


  6. The main difference between Salinas and Halliday is the he has ideas for now and the future. Halliday's only vision for Hayward is bankruptcy in 2019. She said there is a housing crisis and Hayward is doing its part by having all these new housing developments. Million dollar homes, when Hayward needs more affordable housing for its residents. Salinas'ideas range from being farfetched to borderline crackpot musings. No wonder he was absent at the BH's Campaign fundraiser. Halliday can't keep her foot out of her mouth and Salinas loves to orate. Candidate forums should be entertaining nwxt year.


  7. By MW:

    I think it would be simpler to just list the few people who are not running for mayor of Hayward, Oakland, or Alameda.

    And as far as the post of 4:51PM, about a trillion years ago when I was a teenager, and paid much more attention to major league baseball then I do now, a friend of mine proposed getting rid of Strike One, Strike Two, and Strike Three, and instead the first time the batter missed the ball the umpire would call One Luck, the second miss would be Two Luck, and the third miss would be Tough Luck.


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