Case dismissed: Former Hayward
Superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs.

Former Hayward superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs‘ tumultuous tenure appears officially over after he filed to drop his $500,000 lawsuit against the Hayward Unified School District and three of its board trustees.

Dobbs, who was fired by the board in September 2016, filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court earlier the same year after being placed on administrative leave for his handling of an invitation to a former NFL player, at the time, accused of rape, to speak to at-risk students at Hayward’s Tennyson High School.

The firing also came in the aftermath of an attack by Dobbs on two school board members in a closed session meeting the year before. Dobbs’ suit alleged discrimination, slander and wrongful termination.

In order to support their termination claim, according to the lawsuit, Board Trustees Luis Reynoso, Lisa Brunner, and William McGee “secretly initiated an unfettered investigation of Dr. Dobbs, including elements of his personal and private life, and fabricated false allegations of malfeasance.” Dobbs also sought punitive damages from each of the board trustees.

But, Dobbs’ attorney Pamela Price filed for a dismissal of the case on Sept. 27. According to the school board, the request was granted, thereby ending the case. Dobbs has since moved out of state, according to a source.

Dobbs’ time in Hayward, however, was not without drama, although, his popularity in the face of his damning actions was at time unwavering. Up until the scathing report that led to his firing, Dobbs still received strong support from Rep. Eric Swalwell, Hayward Mayor Barbara Halliday, most of the City Council, many Alameda County elected officials and superintendents, in addition, to Hayward faith leaders.

The report released in September 2017 detailed alleged corruption by Dobbs, repeated lies, and a disturbing extra-marital affair with an underling. “Dobbs is inherently dishonest about his guilt when he makes mistakes or does wrong,” according to the report. “He never admits when he is at fault. He deflects the blame to other around him, sometimes to the very people that stood up for him.”