58 House Democrats considered impeaching Trump, but Swalwell, Khanna wasn’t one of them

The White House said the 58 Democrats who 
supported President Trump’s impeachment
were “extremists.”

A procedural vote in the House Wednesday on whether to table discussion on the impeachment of President Donald Trump included support from Republicans and Democrats that effectively

A motion to table Texas Democratic Rep. Al Green‘s Article of Impeachment against President Donald Trump was supported Wednesday by House Republicans and Democrats, effectively ending the discussion for now.

However, 58 Democrats supported moving forward with the debate, including East Bay Reps. Barbara Lee, Mark DeSaulnier and Jerry McNerney.

The Democratic House leadership released a statement prior to the vote urging its members not to support debating Articles of Impeachment at this time.

Alameda County Reps. Eric Swalwell and Ro Khanna, who have been both highly critical of the president over the past year, agreed. Each voted to table impeachment talk for now.


One thought on “58 House Democrats considered impeaching Trump, but Swalwell, Khanna wasn’t one of them

  1. Thank you Mr. Khanna and Mr. Swalwell. This impeachment vote was a stunt. It is good to see some bit of reason in the (D) party. It is proper to be “highly critical” of the President if you disagree with his policies. It is improper to impeach a president you don't agree with, or even highly dislike. Nothing has occurred that remotely approaches “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Rather, Ms. Waters and Mr. Green seek T.V. attention by trying to “virtue signal.” All this vote signals to me, is their complete lack of understanding of our laws and the Constitution. Even Ms. Pelosi, rightly, shut it down. I hope Ms. Green enjoyed his “show vote.”

    I, for one, look forward to 7 more years of the Trump Presidency.



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