Assemblymember Rob Bonta has used fiery 
rhetoric against President Trump in the past.

Alameda County Democrats, led by Assemblymember Rob Bonta and State Sen. Bob Wieckowski, were in a festive holiday mood last week, except when it came to talk about President Donald Trump.

Bonta and Wieckowski, speaking at last Wednesday’s monthly Alameda County Democratic Central Committee meeting in San Leandro, sent a message intended to whip up the gathering of progressives. The message was typical boilerplate–recapping the county Democrat’s accomplishments, along with continued success in 2018.

Part of their future success, according to Bonta, apparently, includes giving Trump a swift kick in the rear. “Let’s kick Trump’s ass!” exclaimed Bonta, as party leaders cheered. Bonta has represented Oakland, Alameda, and San Leandro in the assembly since 2012.

State Sen. Bob Wieckowski first elected to
represent the 10th District in 2014.

Wieckowski followed and urged the group, likely metaphorically, to also “kick Trump’s ass.”

Wieckowski, who represents a wide swath of Alameda County from Castro Valley to San Jose in Santa Clara County, added further to his Trump wish list. “Let’s send him back to New York,” he said, before adding, “or send him to jail!”

When some party leaders were asked whether the comments were appropriate for state elected officials to make against a sitting president, one smiled coyly and remarked, “I didn’t hear the speech. Maybe I should be paying better attention.”