Alameda County’s first Mexican-American elected official, Bernie Morales, dies at 100

Bernie Morales, the first Mexican-American elected to public office in Alameda County history, died Monday. He was 100.

His passing marked a somber beginning to Tuesday morning’s Alameda County Board of Supervisors meeting. In addition, to Morales, the wife of appointed Alameda County Treasurer-Controller Henry Levy, who passed away earlier this month was also mourned, along with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

The meeting, the last of the year, was adjourned in memory of all three.

In 1964, Union City voters elected Morales to the city council. Two years later, Morales was appointed Union City mayor less than a decade after its incorporation. He would serve as mayor two of his four year on the council.

On Tuesday, Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle, himself, a former Union City councilmember, moved to adjourn the meeting in Morales’ honor.

Lee, who passed suddenly on Dec. 12. was a long-time friend and neighbor of Supervisor Wilma Chan, she said.

While Lee worked as an attorney in San Francisco, he lived near Chan in Oakland. During Chan’s run for the Oakland school board in 1990, Lee placed one of her campaign signs on his front lawn, she said.

Marcia Goodman, the wife of the county treasurer-controller, died on Dec. 5. In her honor, Levy read his wife’s obituary at the start of Tuesday’s meeting. An English teacher by trade, “She was an enemy of small talk,” said Levy.

The often emotional Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty, added, “I think what our treasurer did showed tremendous courage and my heart breaks for him.”

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  1. Tax Collector Levy is a good guy I think. He recently instituted the payment of the Property Taxes in Hayward, which is a good thing. Thank you very much. I never thought I would say thank you to a tax collector but this is a good thing. I hope it remains a policy.


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