The Nation names freshman Rep. Ro Khanna rookie of the year

Rep. Ro Khanna wins high praise from the
progressive “The Nation” magazine.

Since even before his election to Congress and swearing-in last January, Rep. Ro Khanna has tried to burnish an exemplary progressive image. Progressives in his own congressional district were skeptical, and for good reason. Khanna sought to unseat a perfectly good progressive in Mike Honda and he did it with millions in campaign contributions from Silicon Valley leaders, moderates and even conservatives.

Should the doubters hold their tongue after a year of steadfast left wing ideology proffered by Khanna? In fact, the bible of progressive thought, The Nation, says yes. John Nichols, writing in this week’s The Nation, named Khanna its “Most Valuable House Newcomer.”

“Capitol Hill’s steadiest champion of congressional oversight on war-making, Representative Barbara Lee always needs allies. She got a great one when Khanna arrived in January,” wrote Nichols.

In relation to Lee, who is best known for her lone opposition in 2001 for giving President George W. Bush unfettered ability to raise war in Afghanistan and Iraq, Nichols heaped praise on Khanna for his role in highlighting the U.S. military’s coordination with Saudi soldiers fighting in Yemen.

“That was a small step,” wrote Nichols. “But with support growing for Lee’s effort to overturn the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, which has served as an excuse for military adventurism, Khanna says the Yemen vote signals that the project of ‘re-orienting our foreign policy away from our Saudi alliance and away from neocon/neoliberal interventionism’ is finally beginning.”

The connection between Lee and Khanna and its potential to deliver a potent progressive one-two punch from the East Bay is something to watch in the coming year.

2 thoughts on “The Nation names freshman Rep. Ro Khanna rookie of the year

  1. Mr. Khanna is 100% right on the immoral U.S. Policy in Yemen.

    Yemeni children are starving, and it is the fault of Saudi Arabia and the U.S. Well done, Ro.

    However, this is not a position owned by “progressives” as the article implies. Rand Paul has been raging against U.S. involvement in Yemen. But, I don't mean to offer any criticism here. What is going on in Yemen is a human catastrophe. Iran is fighting a proxy war with the Houthis against the Saudis. It is all much human pain and suffering. Both U.S. political parties should be against the evil on both sides of this messy civil war.

    The per capita income of people in Yemen is $2,325 per year. So much suffering.

    I, for one, think it is mostly a war so that U.S. Defense Contractors can sell weapons in a “hot” war…far, far away where only poor peasants get killed.

    The U.S. should not be involved. The Saudis are rich enough to do their own killing in their own name. If they want to fight a proxy war with Iran, they don't need the U.S.

    Frankly, I think Saudi Arabia is a rotten-to-the-core country that should be dissolved…but that is wishful thinking.


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