2018 EAST BAY CANDIDATES LIST + ballot measures

House of Representatives

13th District (Oakland-Berkeley-Alameda-San Leandro)
*Barbara Lee-D, congressmember
Laura Wells-G

15th District (Hayward-Fremont-Tri Valley)
Rudy Peters-R, small business owner
*Eric Swalwell-D, congressmember

17th District (Fremont-San Jose-Cupertino)
Ron Cohen-R, certified public accountant
*Ro Khanna-D, congressmember

State Legislature
State Assembly
15th District (Richmond-North Oakland-Berkeley)
Jovanka Beckles-D, Richmond councilmember
Buffy Wicks-D, children’s advocate

16th District (Tri-Valley)
*Catharine Baker-R, assemblymember
Rebecca Bauer-Kahan-D, immigration attorney

18th Assembly (Oakland-Alameda-San Leandro)
*Rob Bonta-D, assemblymember
Stephen Slauson-R, electrical contractor

20th District (Hayward-Tri Cities-Fremont)
Joe Grcar, scientist
*Bill Quirk-D, assemblymember

25th District (Fremont-Milpitas-San Jose)
Bob Brunton-R, Fremont business owner
*Kansen Chu-D, assemblymember

State Senate
10th District (Hayward-Castro Valley-Fremont)
Victor San Vicente-R, real estate agent
*Bob Wieckowski-D, state senator

Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, councilmember, Alameda
Frank Matarrese, councilmember, Alameda
*Trish Herrera Spencer, mayor, Alameda

City Council (Choose 2)
Stewart Chen, former councilmember, Alameda
Tony Daysog, former councilmember, Alameda
John Knox White, planning board member, Alameda
Robert Matz, attorney
*Jim Oddie, councilmember, Alameda

School Board (Choose 2)
Mia Bonta, education non-profit founder
Kevin Jordan, science educator
*Gary Lym, school board member, AUSD
Anne McKereghan, appointed school board member, AUSD

Short-term seat (Choose 1)
Mike McMahon, former AUSD trustee
Dennis Popalardo, appointed board member

MEASURE F (50+1 majority)
Alameda half-cent sales tax increase projected to raise $5 million in additional revenues until repealed.

MEASURE K (50+1 majority)
Alameda charter amendment to add the city’s existing rent stabilization ordinance, but without the Dec. 31, 2019 sunset clause.

City Council (Choose 2)
Preston Jordan, engineering geologist
*Peggy McQuaid, councilmember, Albany
*Rochelle Nason, councilmember, Albany

School Board (Choose 3)
*Charles Blanchard, boardmember, AUSD
Brian Doss, job developer
Clementina Durón, retired teacher/principal
Sara Hinkley, college teacher/administrator
*Ross Stapleton-Gray, boardmember, AUSD

MEASURE L (50+1 majority)
Albany measure to make permanent its existing half-cent sales tax increase, which raises $1.4 million annually.

MEASURE M (2/3 majority)
Albany $69 per parcel tax on single-family residences, raising $463,675 annually to maintain and improve city parks and open space.

MEASURE N (50+1 majority)
Albany charter amendment making the city treasurer a position appointed by the City Council, effective Dec. 10, 2020, or sooner, pending a vacancy.

City Council
District 1
Mary Behm-Steinberg
Rashi Kesarwani, finance mgr, SF Human Services Agency
Margo Schueler, Berkeley Public Works Commission
Igor Tregub, member, Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board

District 4
Ben Gould, graduate student researcher
*Kate Harrison, councilmember, Berkeley
Gregory Magofña, East Bay for Everyone co-founder

District 7
Aiden Hill
Rigel Robinson, Cal student association
Ces Rosales

District 8
*Lori Droste, councilmember, Berkeley
Mary Kay Lacey
Russ Tilleman
Alfred Twu, designer

City Auditor
Vladislav Davidzon
Jennifer Wong

Rent Stabilization Board (Choose 5)
Soli Alpert, legislative aide
William “Three Hundred” Barclay Caldeira, landscaper/city commissioner
David Buchanan
*James Chang, member, Berkeley Rent Board
Judy Hunt, consultant/BOLT trustee
*Paola Laverde, member, Berkeley Rent Board
*Maria Poblet, member, Berkeley Rent Board
*John Selawsky, member Berkeley Rent Board

School Board (Choose 3)
*Ty Alper, school board member, BUSD
Ka’Dijah Brown, public school teacher
Norma Harrison, community volunteer
Dru Howard, instructional technician
Abdur Sikdur, entrepreneur/professor
Julie Sinai, non-profit executive

MEASURE O (2/3 majority)
Berkeley $135 million general obligation bond to create and preserve affordable housing, raising $7.5 million annually.

MEASURE P (50+1 majority)
Berkeley increase in the Real Property Transfer Tax for 10 years on property sales over $1.5 million, adjusted annually to capture the top 33 percent of transfers, from 1.5 percent to 2.5 percent, raising $6 million to $8 million annually for navigation centers, mental health, housing for homeless, seniors and youth.

MEASURE Q (50+1 majority)
Berkeley amendment to its current Rent Stabilization Ordinance, pending passage this November of the statewide Proposiditon 10 (Costa-Hawkins Act repeal), updating the new construction exemption from rent stabilization to a 20-year rolling period; exempt lawfully permitted Accessorty Dwelling Units,  and eviction for good cause protections.

MEASURE R (50+1 majority)
Berkeley measure advising the mayor to engage citizens and experts in teh development of Vision 2050, a 30-year climate action plan.

Arun Goel, councilmember, Dublin
*David Haubert, mayor, Dublin

City Council (Choose 2)
Shawn Costello, customer service rep
Jing Firmeza, retired State of Calif. accounting officer
Jean Josey, educator
Bobby Khullar, manager project controls
Shawn Kumagai, navy enlisted/consultant

School Board
Area 2
Erin Herrera, parent
*Megan Rouse, school board member, Dublin

Area 5
*Dan Cherrier, school board member, Dublin
Dominick Piegaro, retail manager

City Council (Choose 2)
Ken Bukowski, retired businessman/videographer
*Scott Donahue, councilmember, Emeryville
*Dianne Martinez, councilmember, Emeryville

Emery School Board (Choose 3)
Katy Brown, parent/tax accountant
Ken Bukowski, retired businessman/videographer
Brynnda Collins, appointed boardmember, EUSD
Susan Donaldson, mother/youth non-profit
Sarah Nguyen, teacher/mother

MEASURE S (50+1 majority)
Emeryville tax on cannabis business on up to 6 percent of gross receipts, raising an estimated $2 million annually.

City Council
District 1 – Newly created district (2-year term)
Teresa Keng, business owner
Jose Oropeza, civil engineer
Chandu Siramdas, mother/businesswoman

District 2
*Rick Jones, councilmember, Fremont
Marshall Overlander, accountant
Cullen Tiernan, community volunteer

District 3
David Bonaccorsi, appointed councilmember, Fremont
Jennifer Kassan, small business owner
Joseph Valenti, USPS supervisor

District 4 – Newly created district
Robert Daulton, educator/designer/businessman
Justin Sha, entrepreneur/law clerk
Yang Shao, school board member, Fremont
Craig Steckler, retired Fremont police chief
Debra Watanuki, businessowner/non-profit president

School Board (Choose 2)
Norman Howell, educator
Dianne Jones, teacher/parent
Fahria Khan, community relations/parent
Hua Li, parent/technology manager
Hiu Ng, retired technology executive
*Larry Sweeney, board member, Fremont
Sylvia Wong, finance manager/Realtor

*Barbara Halliday, mayor, Hayward
Mark Salinas, councilmember, Hayward

City Council (Choose 2)

Thomas Ferreira, emergency medical technician
Mekia Michelle Fields, recruiting sourcing specialist
*Sara Lamnin, councilmember, Hayward
*Marvin Peixoto, councilmember, Hayward
Didacus Ramos, businessman, urban planner
Joe Ramos, educator/insurance rep
Aisha Wahab, businesswoman/nonprofit director

School Board (Choose 2)
*Lisa Brunner, board member, HUSD
Todd Davis, consumer mediator
Nicholas Harvey, scientist/entrepreneur/consultant
*William McGee, board member, HUSD
April Oquenda, college teacher
Ken Rawdon, music teacher, Mt. Eden High

MEASURE H (55 percent)
Hayward Unified School District $381.7 million construction bond measure generating $24.5 million annually for 30 years.

MEASURE T (50+1 majority)
Hayward Real Property Transfer Tax increase from $4.50 per $1,000 of real estate purchase price to $8.50, raising $6-8 million annually.

Joshua Laine, entrepreneur/businessman
*John Marchand, mayor, Livermore

City Council (Choose 2)
Trish Munro/social science researcher
Neal Pann, architect
Alan Brent Siler, chief technology officer
*Bob Woerner, councilmember, Livermore

Livermore Valley School Board (Choose 3)
Chung Bothwell, contract specialist
*Craig Bueno, boardmember, LVJUSD
Emily Prusso, parent
*Katherine Runyon, boardmember, LVJUSD
David Vonheeder, parent/manger
*Anne White, boardmember, LVJUSD

MEASURE U (50+1 majority)
Livermore measure that limits the amounts medical services in the city may bill patients, or insurers.

*Al Nagy, mayor, Newark

City Council (Choose 2)
*Mike Bucci, councilmember, Newark
*Michael Hannon, councilmember, Newark

School Board (Choose 2)
Ron Brazil, elementary school teacher
Christine Clinton, parent
*Tom Huynh, trustee, NUSD
Elisa Martinez, director business process
*Nancy Thomas, trustee, NUSD

Cat Brooks, community organizer
Ken Houston, community organizer
Saied Karamooz, Oakland Privacy Advisory Commission
Peter Liu, Oakland businessman
Tatmon Marchon
Pamela Price, civil rights attorney
*Libby Schaaf, mayor, Oakland
Nancy Sidebotham, community activist
Jesse A.J. Smith
Cedric Anthony Troupe

City Council
District 2
Nikki Fortunato Bas, community organizer
*Abel Guillén, councilmember, Oakland
Kenzie Smith, community organizer

District 4
Pamela Harris, non-profit finance professional
Matt Hummel, Oakland Cannabis Regulatory Comm.
Nayeli Maxson, Alliance for Community Development
Charlie Michelson
Joseph Simmons
Joseph Tanios, Oakland city employee
Sheng Thao, chief of staff, Councilmember Kaplan

District 6
*Desley Brooks, councilmember, Oakland
Natasha Middleton, analyst, ALCO Probation Dept.
Marlo Rodriguez, registered nurse
Loren Taylor, management consultant
Mya Whitaker

School Board
District 2
*Aimee Eng, school board member, Oakland

District 4
Clarissa Doutherd, exec dir, Parent Voices Oakland
Gary Yee, former OUSD superintendent

District 6
*Shanthi Gonzales, school board member, Oakland
Anthony Wilson (write-in candidate)

City Auditor
*Brenda Roberts, city auditor, Oakland
Courtney Ruby, former city auditor, Oakland

MEASURE V (50+1 majority)
Oakland measure allowing cannabis businesses pay taxes quarterly; allow manufacturing, cultivation businesses deduc vale of raw materials from gross receipts; allow council, without future ballot measures, to amend cannabis business tax to increase it, but never to decrease rate.

MEASURE W (2/3 majority)
Oakland vacant property tax on parcels used less than 50 days per year: $6,000/parcel; $3,000/condominium units, raising $10 million annually to address illegal dumping and discourage vaants properties for 20 years.

MEASURE X (50+1 majority)
Oakland measure increasing the Real Estate Transfer Tax: 1 percent up to $300,000; 1.5 percent over $300,000–$2 million; 1.75 percent over $2 million–$5 million; and 2.5 percent over $5,000,000; and a lower rate for first-time homebuyers and low-moderate incomes, raising $9 million annualy

MEASURE Y (50+1 majority)
Oakland measure to amend its “Just Yes Cause for Eviction Ordinance” and remove the exemption for owner-occupied duplexes and triplexes; allow council to add limitations on landlord’s right to evict under the ordinance, without a future ballot measure.

MEASURE Z (50+1 majority)
Oakland measure establishing workplace protections for Oakland hotel workers with 50 or more rooms, and a minimum hourly wage of $15 with benefits or $20 without benefits and increased with inflation.

MEASURE AA (2/3 majority)
Oakland charter amendment establishing a $198, 30-year parcel tax on single-family properties to fund early childhood and pre-school education, improve high school and college graduation financial assitance; raising $25 million $30 million annually.

City Council (Choose 3)
Sunny Bostrom-Fleming
*Teddy Gray King, councilmember, Piedmont
*Tim Rood, councilmember, Piedmont
Betsy Smegal Andersen, appointed councilmember

School Board (Choose 2)
Julie Caskey, parent/volunteer/attorney
Megan Pillsbury, retired teacher
*Amal Smith, boardmember, PUSD
Hari Titan, big data scientist

MEASURE BB (50+1 majority)
Piedmont charter amendment to “modify procedures for filling vacancies in elected offices for City Council, Board of Education, term limits for the City Council…”

MEASURE CC (50+1 majority)
Piedmont charter amendment to clarify duties and reporting structure for city officers and employees.

*Jerry Thorne, mayor, Pleasanton

City Council (Choose 2)
*Kathy Narum, councilmember, Pleasanton
Joe Streng, fmr park and rec commissioner
Julie Testa, human services commissioner

San Leandro
*Pauline Russo Cutter, mayor, San Leandro
Dan Dillman, San Leandro business owner
Benny Lee, councilmember, San Leandro
Jeromey Shafer, political activist

City Council
District 1
Eva Arce
*Deborah Cox, councilmember, San Leandro
Ken Pon, certified public account

District 3
Victor Aguilar, Jr., school board member, SLUSD
*Lee Thomas, councilmember, San Leandro

District 5
*Corina Lopez, councilmember, San Leandro
Maxine Oliver-Benson

MEASURE I (2/3 majority)
San Leandro Unified School District $39 per parcel tax, raising $745,000 annually, to “protect the quality of education in local schools.”

San Lorenzo
MEASURE J (2/3 majority)
San Lorenzo Unified School District $99 per parcel tax raising $2 million annually for 8 years beginning on July 1, 2019 to improve classroom technology, after school programs, and teachers salaries.

Union City
City Council (Choose 3)
Vipandeep Singh Bajwa, consultant/accountant
*Lorrin Ellis, councilmember, Union City
*Emily Duncan, councilmember, Union City
*Pat Gascoscos, councilmember, Union City
Lee Guio, planning commissioner
Harris Mojadedi, planning commissioner
Jaime Patiño, human relations commissioner
David Whatley-Zepeda, actor/musician/teacher

New Haven USD Board
*Rosalinda Canlas, trustee, NHUSD
*Sarabjit Cheema, trustee, NHUSD
Michelle Parnala, deputy probation officer
Lizbeth Rodriguez, parent/procurement supervisor

MEASURE DD (50+1 majority)
Union City tax on cannabis business at a maximum rate of $12 per square foot for cultivation and 6 percent of gross receipts for other cannabis businesses, raising $1.4 million annually.

MEASURE EE (50+1 majority)
Union City measure establishing it as a Charter City and enacting a Real Property Transfer Tax of $10 per $1,000 on the purchase price of real estate, raising $5 million annually.

Alameda County
James Johnson, assessment services chief, Alameda County
Phong La, small business owner

AC Transit Board of Directors
Ward 4 (San Leandro-Unincorporated ALCO-Hayward)
Nicholas Harvey, scientist/entrepreneur/consultant
*Mark Williams, board director, AC Transit

Ward 5 (Hayward-Newark-Fremont)
Diane Shaw, retired transit manager
Newal Singh, transit administrator

Dollene Jones
*Joel Young, board director, AC Transit

BART Board of Directors
District 4 (Oakland-Alameda)
Paul Cummings, transportation logistics manager
*Robert Raburn, board director, BART

District 6 (Hayward-Tri-Cities)
Liz Ames, civil engineer
Anu Natarajan, former Fremont councilmember

Chabot-Las Positas Community College District
Area 2 (San Leandro)
Linda Granger, educator
Chike Udemezue, senior examiner/author

Area 3 (South Hayward-Union City)
Harpal Singh Mann, planning commissioner/engineer
Genevieve Randolph, appointed trustee, CLPCCD

East Bay Municipal Utilities District
Ward 7 (Castro Valley, portion of San Leandro, unincorporated areas)
Nicholas Harvey, scientist/entrepreneur/consultant
*Frank Mellon, director, EBMUD

East Bay Regional Park District
Ward 5 (Dublin Hills–Del Valle-Ohlone-Sunol)
Devkumar Gandhi, small business owner
*Ayn Wieskamp, board director, EBRPD

MEASURE FF (2/3 majority)
Renewal of existing parcel tax for East Bay parks, levying a $12 annual tax on single-family parcels; $8.28 for multi-family units, raising $3.3 million annually for 20 years.

Fairview Fire Protection District (Choose 2)
Bob Clark, appointed member FFPD
Nicholas Harvey, scientist/entrepreneur/consultant
*Michael Justice, member, FFPD

Ohlone Community College Board of Trustees
Area 1 (Choose 2)
Stacy Graham, businessowner/parent
*Vivien Angelica Larsen, trustee, Ohlone Board
*Richard Watters, trustee, Ohlone Board

Area 2-Full Term (Choose 2)
Tommy Bandy, human resources rep
Suzanne Lee Chan, former Fremont councilmember
*Jan Giovannini-Hill, trustee, Ohlone Board
Lovedeep Jhamet, businessman/fraud manager

Area 2-Short term (Choose 1)
Tejinder Dhami, physical access analyst
Martin Froomin, software release engineer
Tawney Warren, college career specialist
Steven Worley, teacher

Oro Loma Sanitary District (Choose 3)
*Timothy Becker, board director, Oro Loma
*Rita Duncan, board director, Oro Loma
Fred Simon, water civil engineer
*Shelia Young, board director, Oro Loma

Eden Health District (Choose 3)
Stephen Cassidy, former San Leandro mayor
Mariellen Faria, registered nurse
*Lester Friedman, board director, Eden Health District
Gordon Galvan, businessman, healthcare foundation director
Nicholas Harvey, scientist/entrepreneur/consultant
*Roxann Lewis, board director, Eden Health District
*Tom Lorentzen, board director, Eden Health District
Felix Martínez, father/business representative

Peralta Community College District Trustee
Area 3 (Laurel-Fruitvale-Maxwell Park)
*Linda Handy, trustee, Peralta Community College District
Corean Todd, affordable housing coordinator

Area 5 (Rockridge-Piedmont)

Cindi Reiss, community college educator
*Bill Riley, trustee, Peralta Community College District

MEASURE E (2/3 majority)
Renewal of $48 per parcel tax for 8 years, raising $8 million annually to support affordable college education for the colleges of Alameda, Berkeley, Laney and Merritt College.

MEASURE G (55 percent)
$800 million bond measure with up to $44.2 million in taxes raised for 40 years to upgrade classrooms; construct and repair facilities.

Washington Township Health Care District (Choose 3)
*Jacob Eapen, member, WTHCD
Sidhant Gandhi, healthcare technology professional
*Bernard Stewart, member, WTHCD
*Michael Wallace, member, WTHCD

NPP-No Party Preference
PF-Peace and Freedom Party
LP-Libertarian Party
G-Green Party

40 thoughts on “2018 EAST BAY CANDIDATES LIST + ballot measures

  1. The people of Fremont complained about the over development with or with out knowing who was responsible. I took the time to look into this and read that my opponent Mr. Bonaccorsi, a former Planning Commissioner was the one that voted in favor of Warm Springs Bart area 4,000 units, Walnut Residences 600 units, Patterson Ranch 500 homes, Niles Gateway 90 homes, Fremont Hub 350 units, to name a few. People have a choice, vote or watch Fremont get over run with High Rise, High Density Developments. Vote Joseph Valenti, Fremont City Council District 3.


  2. They still have not corrected. Joseph Valenti is the second name on ballot for Fremont City Council District 3. They also have the order wrong. Kassan is first name on ballot. I’m the only one who will stop developers from ruining our City. These pro developer Council Members forgot about building roads first to get in and out of these huge housing developments.


  3. How come there aren’t any candidates for district 7 in Oakland? It seems like Larry Reid has been winning by default for so long.. can someone please explain this?


  4. I’m Wilfred Brimley and I have diabetes, despite this, I am running for Mayor of Fremont, despite having diabetes, I believe that I am the people’s choice.


  5. Can you list Dublin San Ramon Services District? One incumbent but a few fresh faces for two seats. Thats a little lower on the ballot, so always good to educate and share the options.


  6. What does it mean when the candidate names are greyed out on your list? Can you define that in your key? Thanks.


  7. “Igor Treegrub running for Berkeley City Council? I met him once and he is a wannabe politician. He has zero chance.


  8. to “Bob”
    Pamela Price would make an excellent Mayor of Oakland. She is very intelligent, has great ideas, not too mention style and grace. She is the pillar of integrity and honesty.


  9. Pamela Price for Mayor of Oakland? Nope. Not qualified and her platform is too vague. Clearly a “vanity” run. Will lose this one as well


  10. Can you list local ballot measures too? I understand that the County Registrar’s office already has received 8 of them.


  11. Hi there. I know this can’t be perfect, but there are some inconsistencies. San Lorenzo USD Board President Janet Zamudio announced on the June 19th meeting of the Board that she will not be running for re-election. Moreover, Samuel Medina has not announced (at least publically) that he will be running for the Board. Lance James and Monique Tate in San Leandro, also, have not filed any type of paperwork as of yet.


  12. Agreed, re Carol Pereira – she needs to go, for all of the above reasons. Also, she also does not respond to e-mails from her constituents, who are paying her salary. She does not deserve this seat on the HARD Board, and we need new blood, someone who will be forward-thinking, compassionate to animals and also responsive to her constituents. Sara Raymond seems a much better choice for the HARD Board this coming November.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Carol Pereira (misspelled above) is currently the president of the Hayward Area Rec & Park District (HARD). She is up for re-election in November 2018. Time for some new blood on the board, someone with a bit more compassion for both people and animals. In recent months, Ms. Pereira has TWICE voted against animal welfare at the annual Rowell Ranch Rodeo in Castro Valley. (“Wild cow milking” and “mutton busting.”) Ms. Pereira further insists that,”Animal don’t go to Heaven!” (Pope Paul VI and Pope Francis say otherwise); and that, “Parents have a RIGHT to enter their very young children in the brutal “mutton busting” contest, dangerous for sheep and children alike. (And banned in New Zealand). Wrong again. Parents have a MORAL AND LEGAL OBLIGATION to keep their young children out of harm’s way.

    Please keep this in mind when you vote for the HARD board of directors this November. An on-line petition has garnered more than 180,000 signatures in support of rodeo animal welfare, Ms. Pereira’s tone-deaf opposition notwithstancing.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. De La Fuente? For Mayor of Oakland? Sometimes it's best to keep our sights on the future not the past. Wrong candidate for the times.


  15. Everyone up for reelection should resign from AcTransit. I have zero idea what they do to earn their paycheck


  16. I also heard Bryan Azevedo is going to run for school board. He has like 3 or 4 kids. I think he would be great. He is always trying to help people. He is a true man of the people and has a cute baby that's attached to his arms.


  17. I'm hearing rumors in San Leandro Bryan Azevedo is considering running for school board in San Leandro. He ran for city council last year and I'm stunned that he lost. I supported him then and I will support him again if he runs. He is everywhere in San Leandro trying to help our community. He never gives up!!!


  18. By MW:

    Also in regard to “who would be crazy enough to run for public office?” – politics offers a way for people of mediocre abilities to make money, and in fact often a lot of money.

    For instance, let's say that John Doe is the best baseball player in the high school class of 2017 in San Leandro, Hayward, or Fremont, or in fact even in the entire East bay. That still hardly guarantees he will ever become even a utility infielder in the major leagues or even be offered a minor league contract. Since to make serious money in major league sports, a person does not have to be merely in the top ten percent or even one percent among his peers, and even merely top one tenth of one percent would probably not be nearly good enough, but most likely would have to be at least top one hundredth of one percent, and quite likely even better than that to ever get even one at bat in the major leagues, or as they say get called up to the major leagues for just “one cup of coffee.”

    Similarly, let's say a person wants to become a physicist. and let's say he is far and away the best mathematician in a large high school, and also considered to be easily in the top one tenth of one percent in mathematics of all students in his age group. That still hardly guarantees he would be even good enough to ever rate as even a very mediocre physicist, or maybe even to just get passing grades in the courses required to obtain a graduate degree in physics.

    However, the world of politics often offers plenty of opportunities, and often big money making opportunities, to even the extremely mediocre. For example, Nadia Lockyer was able to get positions in the world of politics that paid over 100K per year, and with a “brain” of such “quality” that if I owned a fast food joint I would never even slightly consider hiring her as even a junior assistant shift manager at only 25K per year. And even if the minimum wage was reduced back to only $1.60 per hour, and which it was about forty years ago, more than likely I would not agree to pay her even that to be a janitor in a fast food joint.

    Politics also offers plenty of opportunities to those who are first and foremost phonies. And as a former co-worker of mine said, “ACTORS WHO ARE NOT GOOD LOOKING ENOUGH FOR HOLLYWOOD GO INTO POLITICS.”


  19. By MW:

    In regard to “who would be crazy enough to run for public office?” – a lot of those who run for public office, and especially in the Bay area, are scumbags, parasites, scam artists, embezzlers, money launderers, and blood sucking leeches, and who realize that as long as they pretend to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians they will be able to work their extremely profitable scams.


  20. By MW:

    Wilma Chan will almost certainly win her race for re-election to the AC Board of Supervisors. And while it is true that so far no one has filed in opposition to her, or even indicated any interest in possibly running against her, however even if she had an opponent: one, she is the best known; and two, still furthermore it seems to be almost a law in the East Bay to always automatically vote for the incumbent, and especially in regard to races for the AC Board of Supervisors.

    In fact, the only time I can recall in the last thirty plus years an incumbent losing a race for the AC Board of Supervisors was back in the early 1990's when Gail Steele, and who had an extremely strong and very impressive resume, managed to defeat, and even then still just barely, the incumbent.

    However, and even though it is virtually certain that WC will win the race for re-election, that still does not mean that things might not get very interesting. For instance if there is much discussion, and especially in the newspapers, concerning the allegation that supposedly she makes at least some of her decisions not on the basis of law, facts, and what is best for the general public, but instead on the basis of who has the most clout, then the general public will learn a lot more about that sleazy cesspool and organized crime ring, but which pretends to be a legitimate government, that runs things in the East Bay.

    And that is the biggest threat, and especially the biggest longterm threat, to the “liberals” and the Democratic Party, in other words the general public continuing to learn more about the real and actual “standards” of the high ranking politicians who pretend to be “liberals.”


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