Quirk co-authors bill requiring ‘panic buttons’ for hotel maids in danger of sexual harassment

Assemblymember Bill Quirk

Maids and other hotel employees who find themselves alone in rooms with guests in a daily basis often face high incidents of sexual harassment, surveys have found.

And with the issue of sexual harassment casting a large shadow over the state Legislature this year, a bill co-authored by Hayward Assemblymember Bill Quirk would require hotels to provide workers with panic buttons in the event their safety is at risk.

The bill, co-authored by Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance), was introduced Wednesday during the Legislature’s first session of the new year.

In addition to mandating the use of panic buttons, typically easily concealed, hand-held communication devices, the bill requires hotels to maintain a list of guests banned due their indiscretions, provided the allegation includes a statement made under penalty of perjury, according to the Sacramento Bee.

A perpetrator’s name could be on the hotel’s ban list for at least three years, under the bill.

Labor unions have pushed in the past for greater protections of hotel workers, many of which are immigrants. California would be the first state to require panic buttons for hotel employees, if ultimately signed into law. Several cities around the county have approved similar local ordinances.

4 thoughts on “Quirk co-authors bill requiring ‘panic buttons’ for hotel maids in danger of sexual harassment

  1. By MW:

    In the last line of my above post, I had the wrong street for Pettit & Martin. The San Francisco office of Pettit & Martin was at 101 California Street.

    As to how I learned that P & M was not even just much sleazier than most law firms, but, believe it or not, even much sleazier than most San Francisco law firms, that is an interesting story, but one I am not going to take the time to go into now.

    However let me quickly summarize by stating that P & M, and even based on the “standards” of some of SF's very sleaziest so called law firms, was an organized crime, embezzling, money laundering, and kidnapping ring whose staff of lawyers was primarily composed of sadists, sociopaths, and psychopaths, and who got great joy out of mistreating people and trying to get them to explode and make fools of themselves, and even though Dianne Feinstein and the SF Comical “knew” that Pettit & Martin was a “legitimate law firm.”


  2. By MW:

    While certainly many maids working in commercial buildings are subjected to sexual harassment, however an even many times bigger threat to their health and well being is that they are often secretly exposed to all sorts of hazardous and toxic substances, and such as lead dust and asbestos, and to name just a few items, that cause them to die many years prematurely, and for instance due to cancer or mesothelioma, and if they complain about such issues, most likely the hotel or other employer will arrange to have the problem “investigated” by a sleazy organized crime and kidnapping ring that pretends to be a law firm.

    In other words, it is standard procedure for sleazy law firms to kidnap whistleblowers, and those sleazy law firms pretend that those kidnapping sessions are deposition and discovery.

    One of the very sleaziest of those organized crime, embezzling, money laundering, and kidnapping rings that pretended to be a law firm was Pettit & Martin, and which became world famous due to the 101 Market Street incident.


  3. By MW:

    As a followup to my previous post, it is truly world class amusing to see the demagogues and charlatans in the California state legislature pretending they are interested in protecting human rights.

    They might rant and rave and yell and scream about the felonious activities of someone who does not provide them with large election campaign contributions and/or under the table bribes, however as long as their palms stay greased, they will defend and protect any scumbag, and no matter how sleazy, who is politically connected and/or their “friend.”

    For instance back when Jim Jones, and later of Jonestown infamy, was still in the Bay area, the Bay area's most prominent politicians, and also the San Francisco Comical, never stopped defending him, and no matter what he did.

    In fact Harvey Milk, and who was one of SF's most prominent politicians, even wrote a letter to President Carter asking Carter to force people to stop making derogatory comments about Jim Jones.

    And the primary owner of that major SF office building I referred to in my above post was organized crime kingpin M.L. “Larry The Liar – Switzerland and Arlington National Cemetery” Lawrence, and who at least virtually all of the big boys of Democratic Party politics in San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Washington DC “knew” was a “legitimate businessman,” and still furthermore an all around “wonderful” and “fantastic person,” and certainly not the type who would engage in Mafia money laundering, human rights violations, or arranging multi million dollar arson fires.

    (You can read a tiny about Lawrence's lies, sleaze, and phoniness by going to the Wikipedia entry on him, and where he is listed as “M. Larry Lawrence” or “Maurice Larry Lawrence.”)

    Anyway, there are a few particular occupations, and such as for instance janitorial, that are loaded to the gills with undocumented aliens and human rights abuses, and as long as the election campaign contributions and under the table bribes keep flowing to the politicians, the “saints” in the CA state legislature will not do anything significant to clean them up, but will just keep engaging in PR and self righteous tirades.


  4. By MW:

    I used to work in a major San Francisco office building in which the overwhelming majority of the janitors, and because of the policies of the building management, ownership, and janitorial contractor, were basically invisible, and in the legal sense did not even exist.

    More specifically, most of the janitorial in that building was done by undocumented aliens, and who would be fired without pay, and under threat of being turned into Immigration for deportation if they did not agree to just quietly disappear, AND THE EASIEST AND QUICKEST WAY FOR A SECURITY GUARD IN THAT BUILDING TO GET FIRED WAS TO INTERFERE WITH THE OPERATION OF THAT JANITORIAL CONTRACTOR, AND WHOSE OWNER WAS VERY TIGHT WITH THE BUILDNG OWNERSHIP.

    In fact, that janitorial contractor played the same exact game at a huge and world famous hotel in SF's ritziest tourist section.

    (Federal law, and including related to labor law and human rights violations, is ignored by the paid off political hacks in judges' robes on San Francisco courts as long as they get their under the table bribes.)


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