–OAKLAND– Regular council committee meetings, Tuesday, Mar. 13, starts at 9:30 a.m.

Community & Economic Development Committee, 1:30 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]
–OAKLAND ARMY BASE MID-TERM REVIEW– “Initial City funding commitments, originally included projected net tax increment generated between 2011 through 2017 totaling approximately $10 million and was significantly impacted by AB 26 resulting in an actual net tax increment collection of only $400,000. With the loss of redevelopment funding and bonding capacity, the City also lost the related set-aside for the Low and Moderate Income Housing Fund… Over the five-year period of this Implementation Plan, despite the loss of significant redevelopment dollars, the City has been successful in securing the needed sources of funding and bridge financing to complete the construction of Public Improvements at the former Oakland Army Base prior to the end of July 2018.” Tuesday’s CED meeting also includes updates on six other major projects in Oakland: Broadway/Macarthur/San Pablo, Central District, Central City East, Coliseum, Oak Knoll, and West Oakland Redevelopment Project Areas.

Finance & Management Committee, 9:30 a.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]
–TAXING VACANT UNITS– A slim Finance Committee meeting Tuesday morning is more notable for what is not the agenda. Discussion for a proposed November ballot measure to tax vacant housing units in Oakland was rescheduled to the April 10 committee meeting.

Public Safety Committee, 6 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]
–OPD REPORT ON GANGS- A report on gang/group homicides in Oakland found that gang activity spreads out across the city and connected to conflicts with group in other cities. Notably these conflicts often play out in Oakland. OPD has identified 66 gangs or groups in Oakland.

Public Works Committee, 11:30 a.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE] // Oakland Bay Trail progress
Life Enrichment Committee, 4 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERENEXT COUNCIL MEETING, Tuesday, Mar. 20.


–ALAMEDA COUNTY– Regular board meeting, Tuesday, Mar. 13, 10:30 a.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]
–ILLEGAL DUMPING IN DISTRICT 4– Supervisor Nate Miley‘s District 4 includes a portion of East Oakland where illegal dumping is a perennial issues. His office is allocating $25,000 to a former government affairs executive from Waste Management named David Allen Tucker to “identify and develop an action plan and illegal dumping prevention program to address the growing public health concerns related to illegal dumping in District 4. This regional effort will involve a three-pronged strategy of education, eradication and enforcement, to help residents and businesses to improve overall community health.” The contract is for three months.

–TRANSITIONAL AGE YOUTH PILOT– Alameda County Probation Department is asking the board to approve a pilot program that would allow youths who have committed adult felonies to participate in a Transitional Age Youth program at Juvenile Hall. Cost of the three month pilot (April-June) is $65,000, said a report. Annual the program is estimated to cost $277,000.

–BONDING FOR TWO OAKLAND SROs– Two struggling single-room occupancy buildings in Oakland, The Harrison (81 units) and The Empyrean (96 units) were purchased out of bankruptcy by the county last year. On Tuesday, the board will approve $45 million in Multi-Family Housing Mortgage Revenue Bonds to fund the rehab of both buildings. NEXT BOARD MEETING: Mar. 20 retreat


–DA CANDIDATE FORUM– Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley and Pamela Price debate on Wednesday, Mar. 14, 7 p.m. in hopes of gaining the endorsement of the Alameda Democratic Club. Alameda Elks Lodge 2255 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda (Next door to Alameda City Hall.)


–BERKELEY– Regular council meeting, Tuesday, Mar. 13, 6 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]
–BERKELEY WAY SHORTFALL– The Berkeley Way Development project currently proposed shelter beds for 32 homeless individuals and 12 veterans; 89 affordable housing units, in addition, to 53 more units for those previously homeless; and a 70-space parking garage. The council Tuesday night will be asked for direction on the “remaining $15 million gap in the homeless shelter and affordable housing budget that BRIDGE and BFHP have proposed for City funding. At this point, the most feasible financing strategy that staff has identified which would yield sufficient funding is using the available $2.2 million in the Housing Trust Fund and bond financing using increased business license revenues from Measure U1. In consultation with the City’s bond counsel, staff estimates that the City could attain $15 million in bond financing for an annual debt payment of approximately $2 million for 10 years.” NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, Mar. 20.


–FREMONT– Special Regular City Council meeting, Tuesday, Mar. 13, 7 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]
–CELL TOWER APPEAL– Verizon plans to build a 54-foot-tall stealth wireless tower at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church property on Blacow Road. The tower is proposed to be built to look like a church bell tower. The Fremont Planning Commission approved the conditional-use permit last November. But the issue of cell towers is often contentious in neighborhoods. The nearby Parkgate Homeowners Association is appealing the decision, declaring the cell towers is a fire hazard, impacts birds, and ruins the overall aesthetic of the neighborhood. NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, Mar. 20.


–EAST BAY MUD– Regular board meeting, Tuesday, Mar. 13, 1:15 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]
–HIGH WATER MARK– East Bay reservoirs are at 93 percent of capacity through the end of February, according to a report from EBMUD General Manager Alexander Choate.

–AC TRANSIT– Regular board meeting, Wednesday, Mar. 14, 5 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]