‘Lil’ Arnerich served two terms on the 
Alameda City Council.

Anthony ‘Lil’ Arnerich, a former Alameda councilmember and civic leader, particularly in the retrofitting of Alameda High School, and an advocate for youth sports, died Friday. He was 89.

Arnerich’s stint in Alameda politics began in 1988 when he was appointed to the City Council and was elected to the seat the next year. He won re-election in 1992.

His son, Newell Arnerich, is the mayor of Danville.

His influence in Alameda politics continued for another two decades as a new crop of leaders often reached out to Arnerich for advice and endorsements of the political campaigns.

Last month, Arnerich addressed the council during public comment in what was likely his last public appearance at City Hall. During his comments he noted just leaving the hospital that day.

Arnerich worked tirelessly in support of Alameda High School, and on the political side, led the way in enacting a City Charter amendment that requires any sale of public open space be placed before voters.

His support for youth sports was grounded in his history as a former baseball player for the Oakland Oaks of the Pacific Coast League. The pinnacle of Arnerich’s baseball career came in 1949-1950 when he played 10 games with the Oaks. Arnerich’s made the most of his brief time in Triple-A, going 2-for-4 with the Oaks.