John Knox White is the first to officially
enter the race for Alameda City Council.

John Knox White, a well-known city activist and former Alameda Planning Board member, is the first to officially declare their candidacy for this fall’s likely contentious Alameda City Council election.

“I love Alameda. For the past 16 years, I’ve raised my family here and worked to make Alameda an even more vibrant and welcoming place to live,” said John Knox White in a statement Wednesday. “In 2018, I’m running for Alameda City Council to ensure that ‘Everyone Belongs Here’ is never just a slogan but a core community value.”

Although this will be Knox White’s first foray in electoral politics, few in Alameda have worked the intricate levers of local government more successfully. In addition, to his experience in various boards and commissions, he served as vice-chair of Alameda’s Sunshine Task Force, advocating for greater government transparency rules.

With a background in public transportation, Knox White helped spearhead local legislation requiring developers pay for transit services in order to reduce traffic on the island. “I’m a dad who wants to create the best possible Alameda for all families, both those here today and those in Alameda’s future,” he said.

While Knox White is the first to join the race for two open at-large seats this November, a number of other strong candidates are expected to eventually join the race. Incumbent Councilmembers Jim Oddie and Frank Matarrese are up for re-election. Matarrese, though, is seriously contemplating whether to challenge Mayor Trish Herrera Spencer‘s re-election, instead.  Former Alameda Councilemember Tony Daysog said last year that he is running for council, but as not yet made an official announcement.

Knox White has already amassed an early list of influential endorsements that include Assemblymember Rob Bonta, and indicative of his background in transportation, BART Board President Robert Raburn, BART Director Rebecca Saltzman, AC Transit Director Elsa Ortiz, in addition, to former Alameda School Board Member Mike McMahon.