Dublin will fill council seat left open by councilman’s passing

Dublin Councilmember Don Biddle
died Feb. 22 and served 10 years on
the city council.

Dublin councilmembers, following the passing of their colleague Don Biddle last month, set an ambitious schedule Tuesday night to find his replacement.

The city will begin accepting applicants for Biddle’s seat for one week, starting Wednesday through Mar. 28. A new councilmember could be appointed at the April 2 meeting, the council decided at Tuesday’s meeting.

Biddle, who passed away at 80 after a short illness, served two years as an appointed councilmember before winning two full terms. He would have been up for re-election this November.

The five-member Dublin City Council could have just left the seat unoccupied until Election Day, but chose instead to fill the seat.

Whomever is appointed next month will undoubtedly inherit a strong position, if they choose to run in November.

It is also not uncommon for councils and boards to avoid the potential cries of favoritism in the electoral process and, instead, appoint a caretaker candidate who pledges not to run for the seat in November.