Contra Costa County Sheriff
David Livingston

Contra Costa County Sheriff David Livingston last February began posting online the release dates of immigrants in the county, according to news reports.

The move dovetails with a growing movement, particularly in Southern California, against the sanctuary state law signed last year by the Legislature. Public officials in Orange County and Los Alamitos this week made pushes against the state law that forbids law enforcement with cooperating with ICE.

Matt Shupe, the chair of the Contra Costa County applauded the sheriff’s decision, in a statement Friday, and skewered Democrats for supporting the sanctuary state law.

“I’m proud that our Contra Costa County Sheriff David Livingston has decided to prioritize the safety of Contra Costa’s residents and visitors over the perverse political agenda of the Democratic Party leaders in Sacramento, whose reckless Sanctuary laws jeopardize our safety by carelessly releasing foreign criminals onto our streets,”said Shupe.

“I hope that more municipalities throughout the Bay Area and California look to our Sheriff’s leadership and know that the rejection of these dangerous Sanctuary laws can happen less than a dozen miles from San Francisco.”

While Contra Costa County, as a whole, is typically more conservative than the rest of the East Bay, the move by Livingston is likely to be met with derision in most of nearby Alameda County. Cities all along the Greater East Bay, including Oakland, Berkeley, San Leandro, Alameda, and Hayward have declared sanctuary city status last year. Others like Fremont declared similar sentiment.

Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern has faced considerable opposition from progressive groups, who have continually monitored his department’s perceived end-arounds to working with ICE. Alameda County is also a declared sanctuary county.