Barbara Lee calls for end to militarization, racism during speech honoring MLK on 50th anniversary of his death

At a ceremony in Memphis honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the 50th anniversary of his assassination, East Bay Rep. Barbara Lee called for an end “forever wars” and militarization and again condemned President Donald Trump for his racist rhetoric. VIDEO BELOW

“In the name of Dr. King, we must repeal this authorization and bring these ‘forever wars’ to an end,” Lee said during the ceremony Wednesday at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. “This country continue to fund a war machine at the expense of education, housing, and health care here at home.”

She added, “This was 50 years ago–during the Vietnam War–Dr. King reminded us that ‘the bombs in Vietnam explode at home.'”

Lee said the rise of the Alt-Right is due to Trump’s rhetoric toward African Americans, immigrants, and other minorities. “Yes, racism is alive and well in America,” said Lee.

“We know that this President ran on one of the most racist, bigoted, and most divisive campaigns our nation has ever witnessed. His words have incited overt violence and prejudice. And he has tried to roll back the clock and drags us back to the days of segregation and Jim Crow. We’re going to say, ‘Not on our watch! Not on our watch!'”

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