–OAKLAND– Regular council meeting, Tuesday, May 15, 5:30 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]
–A’S COLISEUM ENA– The Oakland City Council is about to move on Mayor Libby Schaaf‘s pledge last month for the city to enter into an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with the Oakland Athletics with an eye on the city purchasing the county’s portion of the jointly-owned public property. The agreement with the team is proposed to last nine months, with the possibility of three-month extensions. “The ENA would allow the Oakland Athletics to conduct due diligence, prepare feasibility and market analysis, prepare technical studies, as well as allow the Oakland Athletics and the City to conduct negotiations for development of a new ballpark at the Property along with other ancillary development such as office, retail, hotel and/or residential development,” said a staff report. The A’s recently signed an ENA with the Port of Oakland to similarly study a new ballpark at Howard Terminal near Jack London Square. Apparently the A’s are covering all their bases.

–DERBY ST/CHARTER SCHOOL LAND DEAL– The controversial $450,000 deal involving public land for a charter school comes to the full council. “The City Council authorized execution of an ENA for the Derby Avenue parcel with the Developer or related entities in 2015 to pursue development of an Aspire Charter School on the site and two adjoining parcels controlled by the Developer.” NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, May 22.


–ALAMEDA– Regular council meeting, Tuesday, May 15, 6:59 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]
–KEIMACH OPEN SESSION– Earlier this month, attorney’s for embattled Alameda City Manager Jill Keimach appeared to suggest their client wanted a public airing of her employee evaluation. “No more closed sessions,” they said. The council is affording Keimach that option, scheduling a special open session that begins just prior to the Tuesday meeting. That is, if Keimach truly wants the open session. Alameda’s city clerk said the late scheduling of the item last week is really intended as a placeholder. But if it happens this week or at another meeting, the public display could be quite the scene and potentially put some councilmembers on the spot to explain their issues with Keimach, presumably their thoughts before the infamous August 2017 illegal recordings by the city manager.

–HIGH-SPEED BROADBAND PILOT– The city will enter into a two-year proof of concept pilot program to invest in ultra high-speed broadband at Alameda Point. Two businesses at the Point, according to the city, have bought into the pilot’s possibilities for expanding commerce at the burgeoning Alameda business hub. In nearby San Leandro, a downtown fiber-optics project has been a boon to the city’s reputation as a tech hub and is the envy of many neighboring cities that aim to replicate its success.

–NEW COUNCIL RULES– Consistently long meetings, in part fueled by a chronically disorganized council discussion, is getting a makeover. The council is set to enact rules that will move along the torpid pace of some Alameda council meetings. The changes include limiting councilmembers to nine minutes of speaking time per item; calling for a supermajority (four of five members) to suspend any item, and among other new rules, prohibit new items from starting after 11 p.m. “The rule to not allow new items to be called after 11:00 p.m. requires amendment of the Sunshine Ordinance. As recommended by the Open Government Committee, the change eliminates voting at 10:30 p.m. and eliminates the requirement for regular meetings to be added if three meetings in a row go past 11:00 p.m.”

➤Special council meeting, Friday, May 18, 9 a.m, Alameda Main Library [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]
–BUDGET TALKS, PART 1– Friday mornings budget presentation here. Note: Alameda city staff highlighted three potential future revenue-enhancing ballot measures: cannabis tax, sales tax increase, water infrastructure bond.

–HAYWARD– Regular council meeting, Tuesday, May 15, 7 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]

–BUDGET TALKS, PART 2– A  $5.5 million budget shortfall for FY 2019 is looming. And city staff proposes the general fund fill the gap. That’s a number that should make Hayward residents feel precarious with so much talk around East Bay city halls expecting a recession within the next two years that will further deplete cities reserves. On Tuesday, Hayward’s finance director will lay out some potential step to limit the damage, chopping away as much as $3 million of the proposed use of general fund reserves.

“The options to reduce the use of General Fund Reserves include (1) a possible 3-month hiring deferral, (2) consideration of a reduction of the previously planned increased General Fund allocation to Fleet Capital Replacement Internal Service Fund (ISF), (3) negotiated labor related
savings, and (4) prepayment of PERS ARC. Implementation of these options will result in an estimated reduction in the use of General Fund Reserves of $2.5 million.

“Additionally, a transfer from the General Fund for Information Technology (IT) Capital Replacement of $472,000 is also proposed, which increases the use of General Fund reserves to $6 Million. If the proposed strategies to reduce the use of general fund reserves are implemented and the proposed transfer from general fund for IT is approved, the use of General Fund reserves is reduced from $6 Million is reduced to $3 Million.”  NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, May 22.


–FREMONT– Regular council meeting, Tuesday, May 15, 7 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]
–BUDGET TALKS, PART 3– Fremont is buckling down in light of expected 50 percent increases in pension costs over the next five years that will raise  the city’s annual pension bill to $19 million. “We will also recommend setting aside additional reserves in future years to help maintain services to the community as we adjust to the changes in our cost structure,” according to a staff report. FY 2019 Operating Budget here.

–SAN LEANDRO– Special council meeting, Monday, May 14, 7 p.m. [ENTIRE AGENDA HERE]
–TOWN HALL– San Leandro Councilmembers Deborah Cox (District 1), Ed Hernandez (District 2), and Corina Lopez (District 5) will host a town hall meeting at the San Leandro Senior Community Center, 13909 East 14th Street.