NRA takes aim at SWALWELL

Rep. Eric Swalwell‘s shot across the bow of gun owners last week has attracted return fire from the National Rifle Association.

In an opinion piece for USA Today, Swalwell proposed a comprehensive assault weapons ban that ultimately criminalizes possession of the high-powered firearms, in addition, to a federal buyback program estimated to cost roughly $15 billion in order to take the weapons off streets.

The NRA moved quickly Wednesday to rebut Swalwell’s idea. In a tweet, the NRA posted a unflattering photo of the East Bay congressmember along with “Swalwell wants to confiscate 15 million guns and criminally charge anyone who want to use the constitutional right to protect their lives.”

Swalwell, though, did not back down. He tweeting back at the NRA Wednesday night.

The NRA training its sights on Swalwell over gun control is likely welcomed by the ambitious congressmember who appears to be contemplating a run for president. National opinion polls show that in the wake of seemingly routine mass shootings, a vast majority of Americans oppose assault weapons. In addition, any mention of strict gun control measures is always popular in the East Bay, even the moderate-to-progressive 15th District.

5 thoughts on “NRA takes aim at SWALWELL

  1. This will never pass. …And the reason is really. really interesting. It will never pass, because too many democrats, who are hypocrites like Mr. Swalwell, will vote against such a ban when the bill comes up for a final vote. That is the clear history of the (D) party, and gun control. Campaign for it. Vote against it, to keep you seat.

    We need AR’s to defend ourselves against the government. There are other solutions to the school shooting problem, that absolutely, needs to be fixed. Dems are using this issue for support; not to actually solve the problem. How many shooting occur at a baseball or basketball game? None. There you go. A real solution. DONE.

    Mr. Swalwell is completely out-of-step with most of his district. He is adopting the hyper-progressive agenda of the Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party, Keith Ellison (D – Minnesota 5th Congressional District, who loves to meet — on video — Louis Farrakhan), so Swalwell can position himself to run for president. He campaigned from the “center” and turned hard left the moment he took office. He delayed and stuttered in objecting to the Katie Steinle Decision, even with a personal relationship with the Steinle family who lives in his district. Shame, Shame, Shame.

    I have nothing to explain, why the Jewish community supports the (D)s, whose Vice Chairman pals around with a ragging Anti-Semite. The psychologists would say it is the result of some bizarre form of self- hatred. Not for me, friends.

    OK, putting the whole hypocracy of the (D) party aside on this issue, back to the original issue in
    this post…

    Indeed, you’ll have to arrest me to take my AR. Come and take it.


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