Former San Lorenzo school trustee spoke at Trump roundtable on immigration

When President Donald Trump referred to undocumented immigrants as “animals” during a meeting Wednesday with California officials who oppose sanctuary cities, there was a link among those at the round table to the East Bay.

Orange County Deputy Sheriff Ray Grangoff is a former San Lorenzo school board member, who at 19,  was the youngest-ever to serve on the board. He was first appointed in 2000 and re-elected in 2002, but not before the Arroyo High School graduate served as board president as a 20-year-old.

Grangoff later worked in former Alameda County Supervisor Alice Lai-Bitker’s district office. His current position at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department involves government relations.

In his remarks to President Trump, Grangoff described law enforcement’s disatisfaction with Senate Bill 54, the California sanctuary state legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown last year that prohibits the sharing of information involving immigration matters between local police and sheriff’s departments with federal agents.

Watch video here:

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