In Pamela Price’s corner

‘You got that ass!’ a Price campaign volunteer tells her before public speaking events

It was another in a long line of frenetic, contentious debates in early May between Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley and challenger Pamela Price.

The pair of lawyers were among peers for a candidate forum hosted by the Alameda County Bar Association in Oakland. After each candidate’s closing statement ended about 45 minutes of rhetorical pushing and prodding, Price retreated to the door where her purple-clad volunteers stood to congratulate her performance.

A tall gentleman who has been a fixture for months in the campaign squared himself in front of Price said, “You got that ass!”

He repeated the phrase to the exhausted Price who blankly stared back at him, not unlike a spent boxer on a stool in the corner of the ring being feed words of encouragement by his trainer. “You got that ass!”

But the exchange, which seemed to deeply clash with the setting, has played out on other occasions during the campaign.

Witnesses at the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee endorsement meeting in March said the same volunteer used the phrase in order to hype Price before and after what would be the most heated debate between the two candidates.

Price’s campaign did not respond for comment.

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  1. Classy! This is why I don’t want Pamela Price anywhere near any position that has any real power.
    Oh, yes, and the fact she does not want to prosecute the crimes of people she thinks are oppressed.


  2. Ron Cornhole, you don’t want Price, because people of color seems to terrify you


    • Not in the least. We are all God’s children and all should do well. That’s the way our system works. I work and live among people of all colors and faiths. I voted for Pres. Obama the first term, and then quickly came to regret it as he turned hard LEFT & socialist in governing. “Color” is not the issue. Indeed, as MLK said, “It is the content of one’s character.”

      Please listen to her debates. This is about the fair administration of justice. Ms. Price is so bias; partial, rather than impartial, so retro-progressive driven, that she is unqualified. …and, as she said, is not really interested in the daily responsibilities of being a prosecutor. To her, this office is a
      political stepping-stone. The people of Alameda County need a person interested in being a prosecutor, or at least a leader of a team of prosecutors, overseeing cases on a high level, to be their D.A.

      I’m color-blind in this. The right candidate could be (D), (R), (L), +LGBT or a purple penguin for all I care, as long as they were qualified and eager to do the job for the right reasons.

      I look at facts and merit. That’s what we should be considering. Are you?

      Ron Cornhole (Cohen)


  3. That’s probably the same Pamela Price volunteer who loudly called a table of DA’s “motherfuckers” at an event in April and told them they’d all be getting fired.


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