Khanna wants hearing on AT&T’s payments to Trump fixer Michael Cohen


Rep. Ro Khanna sent a letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee Wednesday asking them to hold a hearing about payments made by AT&T to Essential Consulting, LLC, the entity formed by President Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen.

The organization is alleged to have been used by Cohen as a slush fund for companies hoping to gain access to the president. The letter was first reported by Fast Company.

“The payments raise serious questions of public trust,” wrote Khanna, who also called for AT&T to release all documents related to its connection with Cohen.


One thought on “Khanna wants hearing on AT&T’s payments to Trump fixer Michael Cohen

  1. I agree with Ro on this issue. See, although many call us “deplorables,” most Republicans really look at the merits of the situation and want, in the end, reasonable, fair government.

    Mr. Michael Cohen (no relation to my family) should not have been selling his connections with Mr. Trump.
    I’m sure that breaks several rules of ethics under New York State law and Bar Association rules (if not other authorities) if he was selling influence/connections/a pathway to get heard, to Mr. Trump without the President’s consent. And, the direction Mr. Khanna is going with this, is that IF Mr. Trump DID give his consent, that’s a whole new can of worms and a serious issue.

    Attorneys have been selling access to politicians, like, forever. That does not make it right.

    In my view, Mr. Michael Cohen does not strike me as a very intelligent attorney. Attorneys are supposed to be advocates and push the envelope to help their clients. They are not supposed to say: “I have access to X, pay me, and I’ll make sure you get heard, or at least know what the President is thinking.” Lobbyist are different. They are clearly lobbyists and don’t have a dual role as the client’s personal attorney in court and confidential personal matters.

    All the good attorneys I know, take the view that they can neither say, nor promise anything about their clients or their dealings without explicit, often written, consent from the client. Most attorneys take the view that they don’t even really want you to know who are their clients. Seems Mr. Cohen lost sight of the line. Seems AT&T and other companies didn’t remember their ethical standards not to exploit conflicts of interest, before engaging/paying Mr. Cohen. This all smacks of what we all fear in government: If I just hire the right person, I can get special treatment. Not because they know the procedural rules, or have experience in handling an issue; but because they are a pal of someone, and can bi-pass the rules.

    So, unfortunately, it is a valid issue, and Ro has every right to pursue it…because if the President consented to these arrangements, that’s a real, big problem. I am pretty confident Mr. Trump did not consent to these arrangements. Rather, his New York lawyer, just went way too far, trying to make a buck. But, I have no way of knowing.

    So, I’d bet the (D) party officials asked Ro to write this letter so he’d get some national attention. Perhaps not. Perhaps Ro pursued this based on his own concerns. That is very possible.

    Mr. Cohen has made himself vulnerable. While I strongly support President Trump, Ro has good cause to pursue this line of questions.

    Is this an issue that should be before a House committee? Well, the House can investigate pretty much anything it wants on behalf of the American people. Will Ro get the hearing? Unlikely, because the (R) control the committee. So, should Ro have written the letter, knowing he is unlikely to get a hearing. Sure!
    Well within his role as a Congressman. I am not so partisan as to say he shouldn’t investigate something I hope results in no negative findings against Mr. Trump.

    Yeap, if Mr. Trump wants to drain the swamp, he can’t have a swamp creature as an attorney. That said, until we learn more, I will assume Mr. Cohen cooked up his influence-peddling scheme, independently.

    Thanks for reading.


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