Welcome to the East Bay Citizen June Primary Election Night LiveBlog. Check here throughout the night for news and analysis of the night’s election results in the East Bay.

12:55 am – 

12:35 am –  The scoreboard from AD15, the only undecided race left in the East Bay: Wicks 15,516 (31.4%); Dan Kalb 7,022 (14.2%); Jovanka Beckles 6,890 (14.0%), with 74 percent of precincts reporting. The top two advance to November

12:00 am – Alameda County Measure A half-cent sales tax increase for childcare and early education is moving closer. But will time run out on it before it reaches two-thirds?

11:45 pm – Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley wins re-election

11:40 pm –

11:20 pm – Republican Pranav Jandhyala, the only conservative among 12 candidates in AD15, is currently sixth with 8.2%. The Cal student is just 300 votes behind Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto, who had the benefit of big time IE money via the California Nurses Association. Jandhyala spent nothing and, as far as I know, never showed up to a candidate forum. Amazing.

11:10 pm – Jovanka Beckles continues to gain ground. Latest results in AD15, show Beckles added another 200 votes on second-place Dan Kalb with 17% reporting districtwide. Buffy Wicks leads with 32%, followed by Kalb 14.7%; Beckles 11.5%; Appel 10.6%; Pardue-Okimoto 9.1%.

11:05 pm – The end of the road appears near for Pamela Price. ALCO DA Nancy O’Malley’s leads is virtually unchanged after three updates from the Registrar’s office. O’Malley leads by 24,080 votes with 47 percent counted.

10:45 pm – AD15 update- Richmond CM Jovanka Beckles inches hops over Berkeley school board member Judy Appel into third behind Buffy Wicks and Dan Kalb. Kalb’s lead for the second spot in the November General Election is 1,200 votes.

9:40 pm – It appears 15th District Assemblymember Tony Thurmond will be running from behind come November in his bid for the state superintendent of schools.

9:30 pm – Buffy Wicks’ prodigious campaign finance advantage is paying off. She hold a comfortable first-place lead over the next three challengers for one of two spots in the primary.

9:25 pm – EBC LIVE broadcast of the early returns in the East Bay will up shortly.

8:35 pm – The Alameda County half-cent sales tax increase to fund chidcare and early education programs is current losing. Measure A needs a two-thirds majority for passage.

8:30 pm – Despite much rancor within the Democratic Party, Sen. Dianne Feinstein wins the primary.

8:20 pm – Phong La appears headed toward a runoff in the Alameda County Assessor race against either Jim Johnson or John Weed.

8:15 pm –  Alameda County DA Nancy O’Malley appears to be cruising to victory after early vote-by-mail returns.

8:00 pm – The polls are closed. The waiting is the hardest part…

7:30 pm – With 30 minutes until the polls close in the East Bay and the entire state, here’s what I’ll be watching after the first results are released by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters sometime after 8 p.m. tonight. (Note: the first batch of results will be Vote-By-Mail ballots.)

  • Alameda County District Attorney races between Nancy O’Malley and Pamela Price: Will O’Malley hang on as significant late buzz has buoyed Price supporters.
  • In the 12-candidates AD15 race, is Buffy Wicks a lock for November? If so, who joins her? Jovanka Beckles, Dan Kalb, Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto, or Judy Appel.
  • Who takes the earlier lead in the even Alameda County Auditor race?
  • Can Phong La put it away Tuesday night in the Alameda County Assessor race?
  • Also: ALCO Superior Court, ballot measures and more!