**UPDATE** Jovanka Beckles made inroads into Dan Kalb’s lead late Tuesday night with the total number of uncounted ballots in Alameda County potentially exhausted. The Alameda County Registrar’s Office reported just over 18,000 ballots remaining to be counted going into Tuesday. Kalb, who has performed considerably better in Alameda County since the June 5 election, actually lost ground to Beckles. The difference is now 704 votes. It is unclear how many ballots remain in Contra Costa County, although the number is quickly dwindling.

**UPDATE** Alameda County Registrar of Voters released new election results Monday evening that show Dan Kalb’s lead over Jovanka Beckles for the second spot in the November election has grown to 793 votes. No update yet from Contra Costa County.

Oakland Councilmember Dan Kalb is back in the lead in the 15th Assembly District topsy-turvy contest with Richmond Councilmember Jovanka Beckles for the second place in the November General Election. Updated results in Alameda County Sunday evening give Kalb a 575-vote advantage over Beckles, with the number of uncounted ballots soon to run out.

Either Kalb or Beckles will face fellow Democrat Buffy Wicks in November. Wicks won the June primary last week with 31.8 percent of the vote, according to the latest results.

Kalb now has 14,651 votes (15.6 percent) to Beckles’ 14,076 (15 percent), according to the new numbers.

Since the initial tabulation of votes, Beckles had slowly whittled away at Kalb’s second-place position. Last Friday, new results posted by the Contra Costa County Registrar’s Office put Beckles in second place for the first time with a 284-vote lead over Kalb.

But both campaigns have excelled in each other home counties. Beckles has done well in Contra Costa County, capturing 17 percent of the vote, while Kalb has performed even better in the larger Alameda County, with 19.7 percent.

As of Sunday night is unclear how uncounted ballots remain in either county. Alameda County’s update Sunday was substantial, boosting the total voter turnout for the June primary to 32.9 percent.

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