Barbara Lee calls for Homeland Security Secy. Nielsen to resign

Weeks after visceral images of young children, separated from their parents, has shined a light on the Trump administration’s immigration policies, and a day after two error-filled press conferences by U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, East Bay Rep. Barbara Lee is calling for her resignation.

Lee, joined a growing group of Democrats in the House and Senate Monday, who are calling for Nielsen’s ouster. As of Tuesday evening, the number has reach 13 legislators, including Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, according to NBC News.

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  1. No, no, no. Liberal nonsense.

    I support “Zero Tolerance.” I support “Child Separation” in order to force Congress to QUICKLY fix the flawed immigration laws…to end Child Separation, within a comprehensive framework of immigration reform. OK, keep the child and parents together, and immediately deport them, together! The separated children of law-breakers get the best food and housing of their lives. Congress, and its inaction, is the true evil at which we should all be angry.

    ​If Rep. Lee wants someone to blame for Child Separation, she should look in the mirror.

    I support “child separation” because we cannot appear to be accommodating to illegal aliens, or more will rush in. The limousine liberals want to keep our messed-up immigration laws, so they can be exploited without zero tolerance. No Illegal Aliens! That’s what we want!

    ​I am all for legal immigration and TRUE asylum seekers coming to the U.S.through a legal process.

    ​I am for the Wall. Against “chain migration” and “the immigration lottery.”

    ​Mostly, I am for fixing the WHOLE system. Not just the one part the liberals are crying about on T.V.

    Here’s some facts:

    1) The United Nations coordinates groups of people from Central American to make the journey to the U.S. to further their “one world, no borders” agenda.

    ​2) The loving, progressive Mexicans tell the immigrants they can pass-through Mexico, but they must ride on the top of trains…and if they get off, and try to settle in Mexico, they will be tortured or worse.

    ​3) The mothers sending their children from Central America give their daughters “Plan B” pills with the reasonable expectation, they will be raped on the journey, by other migrants or by the Mexican gangs.

    ​4) The drug gangs in Central America and Mexico are throwing these people at the border to use up the resources of the U.S. Border Patrol, so drug and human trafficking can get through in other locations.

    ​As usual, the Limousine Liberals are being played for fools, and it is completely working, because the (D)s smell votes based on emotion. They maybe right. But that won’t solve the real problem.


  2. Memories, of the way things used to be, under the Barack Hussein Obama Administration.
    Barbara Lee is a hypocrite.


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