Bonta hit with ‘birther’ claim

It worked for Donald Trump. Alameda resident and Republican 18th Assembly District candidate Steve Slauson is calling on Assemblymember Rob Bonta to prove his U.S. citizenship. Bonta was born in the Philippines and emigrated to the U.S. as a baby. Bonta had some choice words for the claim, which he labeled, “racist hatred.”


16 thoughts on “Bonta hit with ‘birther’ claim

  1. Mr. Warren Bonta, Rob’s father, was a U.S. citizen with family from Kentucky when Mr. Rob Bonta was born in the Phillippines. Born outside the U.S., to a citizen father, a child can often become a citizen, without “naturalization.”

    My apologizes, IF link is accurate. There really seems to be no issue here. … -middle.

    Next time, I’ll research more…


  2. Last comment: I see Steve Tavares wrote the East Bay Times article.

    I’ve always found Steve to be honest.

    Still, Mr. Slauson was very clear and authentic in his discussions with me.

    There is one easy way to sort this out.

    Likely, Mr. Slauson will lose the election, and all this will fade away.

    Yet, still, due diligence is NOT racism. Perhaps that is the headline.


  3. In the East Bay Times article, linked above, Mr. Bonta stated his citizenship stems from his father’s citizenship.

    I find it a little odd that, according to your article, Mr. Bonta’s father was a U.S. citizen, but not his mother? Usually both become citizens at the same time…but that is by no means necessary, so I don’t want to cast doubt based solely on that.

    So, the issue seems to turn on the citizenship of Mr. Warren Bonta. Your article implies Mr. Rob Bonta has a valid U.S. Passport.

    I do agree, that a valid, embossed, U.S. Passport IS conclusive. They are only issued to U.S. citizens.

    Mr. Slauson was very clear and precise in discussions with me…that what he was told, by Mr. Bonta’s office was that Mr. Bonta is NOT a naturalized citizen. Not that he WAS a citizen, but that he was not a naturalized citizen. That is very different than what is written in the East Bay Times article…so there are credibility issues with the linked article. I think Steve T. and I would agree, the East Bay Times is not the best at journalism. It is easy to confirm who got this wrong.

    …and my concern is that the Registrar of Voters never made me prove citizenship when running for Congress. Is there a further verification if elected?

    One quick viewing of Mr. Bonta’s Passport will sort this out.

    So, I return to what I previously wrote…I’m proud to show anyone my passport to prove U.S. Citizenship.


  4. So, I talked to Mr. Slauson last night at the Alameda County Republican Committee meeting.

    This issue stems from the fact that Mr. Slauson called and talked to the staff at Mr. Bonta’s office, who told him Mr. Bonta is NOT a naturalized U.S. Citizen. You can call and ask just the same and verify whether that is correct.

    So, I went to the CA Secretary of State’s website to see the requirements to be an Assembly Member.

    They are:

    Every candidate shall:

    A. Be a U.S. citizen. Cal. Const., art. IV, § 2(c)1
    B. Be a registered voter and otherwise qualified to vote for that office at the time that nomination papers are issued to the person. § 2012
    C. Not have been convicted of a felony involving accepting or giving, or offering to give, any bribe, the embezzlement of public money, extortion or theft of public money, perjury, or conspiracy to commit any of those crimes. § 20
    D. If he or she has was first elected to the Legislature after June 2012 and has not previously served in the State Senate or Assembly, during his or her lifetime serve no more than 12 years in the State Senate, the Assembly, or both, in any combination of terms. If he or she was elected to the State Senate before June 2012, not have served two terms in the State Senate since November 6, 1990. If he or she was elected to the Assembly before June 2012, not have served three terms in the Assembly since November 6, 1990.

    So, then, the questions is:

    If Mr. Bonta is “not a naturalized citizen”…what is he?

    Is he a citizen at all? Did his staff mean to say, “Of course he is a U.S. Citizen. He was not naturalized. He didn’t need to be naturalized…stop asking racist questions an go away!” Is that what they meant? If so, his staff would have just answered, “He’s a citizen!.” They would not have answered in the negative, that he is NOT a naturalized citizen.

    Mr. Bonta’s Wikipedia just says: “Bonta was the first Filipino-American ever elected to the California Legislature.[1]” All good.

    Mr. Bonta’s campaign website says:
    “Growing up in a trailer just a few hundred yards from César Chávez’s home, Bonta watched closely as his parents organized Filipino and Mexican American farm workers, infusing his formative years with first-hand experience of one of the greatest peaceful social, racial, and economic justice movements of all time. This had a huge impact on Rob’s life choices and pursuits, inspiring his life’s commitment to helping people.” OK. All good. I very much supported/support the work of Cesar Chavez.

    His video says: “I was born in the Philippines and came here as a baby…”

    O.K. God Bless him…but, that does not tell us conclusively about his immigration status. Were his parents U.S. Citizens? One? Both?
    It is my understanding, that even if a parent has a Greencard, that does not make a child born outside the U.S. a citizen. The child has to go through the whole naturalization process to get a Greencard and then, citizenship.
    Was he born on a U.S. military base to a parent in the military, like U.S. Senator John McCain? That works fine. Was that it?

    The Philippines were U.S. territory for a period of time prior to 1946. “But, in 1946,
    Congress passed the Rescission Act (38 U.S.C. § 107) which stripped Filipinos of the benefits they were promised, when it was a territory.

    So, the history is a little confusing. The answer to this question is not confusing.

    1) What was the U.S. immigration status of his parents when he was born and came to the U.S.? Was that resolved at a later date…legally? Did that give him citizenship? Pretty simple question.
    2) He says he is not a naturalized citizen, as I’m told be Mr. Slauson. Easy to confirm.
    3) He was not born in the U.S…as Mr. Bonta says in his video.

    Then, IT IS A REASONABLE CONCLUSION, that there is an issue here.

    Seems, he is not a naturalized citizen. He was born in the Philippines, so he can’t be an Anchor Baby. It is unclear what was his parents immigration status.

    This is so easy to clear up with some basic proof of citizenship. And Mr. Slauson is right to ask as a matter of basic fact-checking.

    My fear: This is case of another Democrat party fake persona. I hope I am wrong. This is very easy to sort out and prove Mr. Bonta is qualified to be an Assembly Member.

    Yet, instead, he has chosen, instead to attack Republicans.


  5. Well, currently, we have the strongest sanctions in place against Russia, since the invasion of Crimea and the nerve agent event in England, in, like, EVER…so, other than the fact Trump would rather talk to Mr. Putin, than start a war, I don’t get where your side is coming from on this.

    Tariffs are a tax. I don’t like them. I think Mr. Trump is really negotiating and I reserve comment for 6 months to see how this works out. He has proposed, no tariffs on anything (except where there is “dumping” or other subsidizes.) That sounds good. I think we need to let this develop a bit.

    N.A.T.O. needs to be fixed. France has free health care and college tuition, while we pay for their defense with ships, 800 overseas bases, and nukes, etc. No fair to U.S. taxpayers. It has to be fixed.



  6. Ron, I understand and share your rejection of Socialism and communism. What I cannot understand is your support for POTUS where he has clearly been shown to support Putin and his allies. Trump’s tariffs are doing nothing for free trade a standard I strongly support. His lack of support for our allies against the Communists is terrible.


  7. Right, of course. Embarrassing! It is “Bonta.” My apologizes. Could have sworn I saw or heard the other spelling somewhere.

    Now, as to the issues: Obama’s fake birth certificate is not a “meme.” It is a fact. His birth certificate, his sexual preference, his “wife’s” sexual biology, his posing as a Christian, and his two children are dead-ringers for his best friends, the Nesbitt/Alexandar’s…because he couldn’t have children with Michael. If he lied about all that, of course he would lie about anything…because his whole persona, if a fraud.
    I know I’m repeating that, here…but if you want to call that “memes,” I’d like to sell you the Golden Gate Bridge, cheap!

    So, my “true colors” are completely discussed above, so, whatever. Mr. Bonta can dispense with this issue in 30 seconds, proudly showing his citizenship papers, and then would have every good reason to attack Mr. Slauson. But he doesn’t. He doesn’t…or he can’t? I have no idea. It IS a reasonable question for anyone running for public office.

    We disagree on the other issues.

    I live and work in Blessed California, and have since 1981. It is hard to watch what is happening. Many of my business associates friends are leaving. Young people can’t buy a house. The roads are packed. The schools are packed and teaching Common Core nonsense. The water is becoming more limited. The stores are packed. Even the banks are packed when I need to go in.

    Many on your side put up with a lower standard of living, because, they think, they have superior virtue. Really, they are being played in a life-style where they can’t build wealth. I’ve seen it. Many at age 40, decide it is time to go, or it will be too late, after a life-time renting. Very, very sad.

    Others, drown their sorrows responding in the comment sections of political websites….desperately trying to convince others, what they believe is righteous.

    Good luck with that.

    Check out my new campaign slogan. “Ron Cohen for Congress: Fight Democratic Socialist” I think that gets right to the point.


  8. Ron, you repeated the wrong name a second time. You are either very forgetful or this was intentional. If neither of these you are just like the other politicians, playing to your next m15 seconds of fame.

    Your adherence to the Birther meme and avoidance of staying with the actuators and comments show your true colors.

    Wrong on North Korea. Wrong on Environment. Wrong on Immigration. I hope you remain in California. You will never get elected to anything.


  9. Ron, it’s Bonta, not Bonita. Your issue is with the folks who allowed you to vote and to apply for public office, The discussion was about Filipino Americans running for office. Slauson brought up the Birther issue, which is not appropriate for this discussion. Only presidential candidates have to be naturalized citizens. Neither you nor Bonta or Slauson is running for that office.

    Snopes is pretty accurate. If you want to continue with this, have at it. You continue to recycle bromides that are old and stale and long since disproved. Next thing you will start on are the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and that the Jews stop engage in Child Sacrifice.


  10. Hi Theomordha:

    I’ll respond.

    1) I’m actually in the process of renewing my passport, and happy to provide my old passport, later, my new passport, a REAL copy of my birth certificate from Chicago, IL, and anything else available to prove my citizenship. I’m proud to do it. So should Mr. Bonita. It is no big deal. Or at least it shouldn’t be, if you are running for public office. Mr. Slauson is correct in his point that this is basic “due diligence.” It is unemotional. It should be a basic requirement. Mr. Bonita protests too much.

    Frankly, I think Mr. Bonita has not been smart about this issue. He should prove he is a citizen, AND THEN, if he likes, call Mr. Slauson a racists, for asking him to prove it. Then he’d have the complete moral high-ground. But (D)s don’t think that way.

    2) President Barack Hussein Obama is a complete fraud, as mentioned above. I’m no hater. I love everyone. I hate dishonesty. His father was Frank Marshall Davis. To this very day, Mr. Obama uses the Social Security number of a dead man from Connecticut who died in the 1800’s. Mr. Obama purchased that bogus Social Security card get his first job in Hawaii…because he was unable to get a Social Security Number the regular way, for a lack of documents. He lied about his sexual orientation. He lied about his religious faith. Michelle, is Michael, as Mr. Obama often would say, while in office, by mistake…and his children, oddly, are dead-ringers for his best friends from Chicago…go figure?
    None of those life issues are serious human mistakes, except to lie about them to become president.

    So, what we can’t do, is let Mr. Bonita go down the path of Mr. Obama. I’m not saying he is. I’m saying it takes 30 seconds to confirm he AND EVERY OTHER CANDIDATE RUNNING for public office, is a citizen. It should be NO BIG DEAL.

    So your can babble-on about how the California Indians were slaughtered by the Spanish (I actually agree with you about that), and that challenging SNOPES is like being a holocaust denier. That is not the issue.

    If you believe SNOPES, I have a bridge to sell you. That has nothing to do with the fact that Obama’s entire story is a fraud…AND more to the immediate point, such fraud is CHARACTERISTIC of the Democrat party…nor, does that have anything to do with the outcome in the November election in my district. You may be right in your prediction of the outcome. I believe it will be about double of what you predict, of people who have not drunk the (D) party, Social Justice Warrior Kool-Aid.



  11. Ron, incidentally my first comment was about Steve Slauson and you. If you run for President you need to prove you are a native born American, just as Rob Bonta has to. Other than that your citizenship is not an issue. Let the racist birther propaganda go. It is akin to Californians denying their racist past and documented genocide against all people of color.

    That stuff is not a part of the original comments about the ridiculous birther comments by Slauson.

    Remember that the first Californians were slaughtered by the Spanish, the Roman Catholic Church, then the Mexicans, the Californios and the California Republic. Do not forget that the Constitution and Bill Of Rights were twisted to allow for criminalization for being a First Person, Chinese, Japanese, African American, Hawaiian, Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Buddhist, Jew, Mexican and Russian.

    These are facts Ron. Unless you want to deny it. If so have at it. You will likely get about 15% of the voting public.


  12. Ron, you will need to provide actual proof of your citizenship[. The present California Driver’s License is not proof yet. Check with the DMV for those facts.

    The Registrar of Voters used the criteria they thought was OK. Your were not running for President. You could in fact not be who you say you are. We have to trust that you are not some former Russian spy sent to destabilize the United States. What you need to prove is your current US Passport, Social Security Card and proof of residency. So far we have only your words and no proof, just a lot of rhetoric.

    For you to debunk Snopes is akin to the Holocaust deniers asserting that there is no proof that the Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis. Or if you like it is akin to saying that a statue of Chief Justice Roger Taney is not a monument to support for Slavery.

    Are you a believer that it was only the Nazi’s and the SS that committed War Crimes on behalf of the German People?


  13. Ron Cohen, here!

    I was born at Edgewater Hospital, in Chicago, Illinois. Came to California in 1982. Happy to prove my U.S. citizenship for any reasonable request.

    So, here we go again. Mr. Trump’s questions about President Obama’s birthplace are still valid. Mr. Obama continues to use a fake Social Security Number. HIS KENYAN brother provides us with Barack’s Kenyan birth certificate. Anyone with Abobe Illustrator skills could see that the “long form birth certificate” Obama put out on the White House website, was full of layers of fraud. But the president’s team was too stupid to make a copy of the final product and put a “flat” file on the White House site. They just transferred it from the Abode Illustrator software that showed the layers, and layers of additions and deletions in different fonts.

    I have talked to several software experts about this, and they just laugh…it is such an obvious fraud.

    And yet, SNOPES continues the lie:

    Finally, Mr. Obama identified himself as a “foreign student” at several universities. That got him in, as, it appears his grades were not good, or at least, we don’t know, because they have never been leased.

    Further, his grandfather was a known C.I.A. operative in Hawaii, who tried to get the right documents to cover the truth, when the president’s mother, Ann Dunham, got pregnant, by a black man from Chicago who was living in Hawaii, Frank Marshall Davis.

    The “father” we are told about, Onyango (later, Barack) Obama from Kenya, was paid a fee by Dunham’s father, to SAY he was Barack’s father. This was done, because it was embarrassing enough that Ms. Dunham was pregnant from a black man, to her father (not to me)…and, worse, Mr. Davis was a well-known Communist party member, newspaper writer, activist and a pornographer (including sales of pictures of the very young, Ms. Dunham). So, Dunham’s C.I.A. father was in real trouble of losing his job due to his daughter’s relationship with Davis.

    So, he concocted the whole Kenyan father story with the aid of Mr. Onyango Obama, who was visiting Hawaii on a C.I.A. student-exchange program, and paid him a fee.

    Then, of course, Barack Obama wrote the book, “Dreams of My Father”… to make some money, help his campaign, and try to bury the truth about Mr. Davis. Darn thing is, IT WORKED, famously.

    My point in going through all that, is, that people go through elaborate schemes about their place of birth and citizenship. I, as Mr. Slauson, am suspect if the facts are not crystal clear. I think we agree, all this should be sorted out before someone even gets a paycheck. Absolutely….they must have a legal right to work in the U.S. Valid work Visa, Greencard, or citizenship.

    So, now we come to Mr. Bonita. I have no idea what the facts are. I don’t even want to comment.

    It DOES cause me concern when people protest about proving citizenship. I’M PROUD TO PROVE MINE.

    The staff at the Registrar of Voters only looked at my drivers license when I signed-up and paid a fee to get on the ballot. I’m not even sure if they confirmed it with the DMV. THAT, is no proof of citizenship.


  14. This sounds to me like a reasonable request for information that should be handled as a part of the process of receiving a paycheck. Steve Slauson should provide his birth certificate and citizenship/nazturalization proof, as should Rob Bonta or any other person receiving pay in the USA. There should be no exceptions. As for being a required naturalized citizen, Rob does not get to campaign for President of the United States. He can run as a naturalized citizen for any other office.

    Anyone know where Steve Slauson was born?

    How about Ron Cohen?


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