During Strzok hearing, Eric Swalwell tried to subpoena Steve Bannon

As fierce partisan lines broke out Thursday over testimony by FBI ahem Peter Strzok on Capitol Hill, East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell turned the tables on Republicans grilling the agent who was dismissed from the Mueller probe for text messages critical of Donald Trump. Republicans have clamored over the appearance that Strzok and the FBI maintained a bias toward Trump

Swalwell motioned for the House Oversight Committee to subpoena a lightning rod for Democrats, former Trump White House aide Steve Brannon.

Swalwell’s question was in response to several Republicans saying Strzok was in contempt for failure to answer some questions Thursday. Bannon, meanwhile, was allowed previoulsy by Republicans to evade questioning during his own testimony.

“Point of order, Mr. Chairman, will the committee also consider contempt for Mr. Bannon who refused to answer Mr. Gowdy’s questions when he was actually under subpoena,” Swalwell asked.

Unsurprisingly, the motion was voted down by the Republican majority on the committee.

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  1. I am generally not a fan Representative Smallwell. In this case he neatly underscored the hypocrisy of the majority of the committee. Well done Steve to report this!


  2. Indeed, thanks for covering this.

    Mr. Mueller and Mr. Strzok are so guilty/biased/incompetent, and so far down the “rabbit hole” that Mr. Swalwell resorts to diversion tactics. This is the stuff lawyers do. It means nothing. It proves nothing. It was not even a remotely relevant point of order.

    The whole hearing and investigation is a waste of time. THAT is the issue.

    We should abolish the “special counsel” system. Any investigation against a President needs to be resolved in 3 months, or that’s it…done. Try again when he/she is out of office.

    These investigations are Un-American, and I’d say the same if a (D) was president. Clinton’s investigation went on too long. His impeachment served no purpose. They show the American people our system is not good at governing. If you get elected, you get 4 years. That’s basically it. That is what the Constitution intended.

    The Founding Fathers (and Mothers) would laugh at this process. Well done, Mr. Swalwell! Your comparison of the treatment of various witnesses is just more partisan nonsense. I hope Mr. Swalwell didn’t stay up all night planning his BIG MOMENT.


  3. Ron,

    I am thrilled you think that this is waste of time. I support your right to speak.

    Watergate and the investigation was not a waste of time. Nixon’s resignation was the honorable thing for him to do.

    The Iran-Contra investigation was the right thing to do. Reagan was culpable but lucked out and he let underlings go to jail.

    I think that the whole idea of the Special Prosecutor is a good idea and should stay. It is part of our democracy.

    I agree that the Clinton investigations went on too long, but they needed to happen just the same. Of course if you think that the whole Me Too movement is wrong, then that is your choice. I suspect that you were not offended and support Trump’s actions prior to the election.

    Be that as it may be, try less ad hominem and more productive solutions. No need to be unpleasant. George Soros and Koch Brothers deserve each other.

    America deserves the best government that money can buy.

    Read the Federalist Papers. That was the problem in the beginning and it is still the problem. The solution then was to expand and steal countries from others and call them our own. It is still the easy solution but not the one that will work.

    Putin is reverting back to Russian Imperialism. China is doing it with a free market economy and repression at home. Sort of like the Russians.

    The EU is trying to figure it out. The British cannot. Trump has been on the Russian side against America, our allies and is as near as I can tell someone believes that America should Ron on his business model–Top Down communication.

    That model failed in the 20th century and is failing now.


  4. “Trump Derangement Syndrome”…my friend. I hope you feel better, soon.

    You know, the House of Representatives started an investigation against Lincoln. Lincoln went to visit them, and told them if they continued, the North would lose the war, and they’d all be in a Confederate prison camp. The investigation ended.

    So, it is becoming pretty clear, that if you run for president, you should expect years of an investigation. That’s not right. For either party. Good people don’t run, because it is just too risky and stressful…on top of a campaign to get elected.

    President Obama told his Intelligence folks to “stand down” on investigating Russian meddling…so sure he was that Hillary would win. He told his intelligence folks to come up with the concocted FISA warrant on Carter Page to spy on the Trump campaign. That is Nixon 10X. Mr. Obama should be soon be cleaning urinals in prison.

    Hillary and Mueller were directly involved in selling Uranium to Russia.

    OK, my friend, if you want prosecutors, then, indeed, we should have them. And Hillary, Obama, Clapper, Comey, Adam Schiff and others, should get used to cleaning highways in an orange jump suit.


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