As fierce partisan lines broke out Thursday over testimony by FBI ahem Peter Strzok on Capitol Hill, East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell turned the tables on Republicans grilling the agent who was dismissed from the Mueller probe for text messages critical of Donald Trump. Republicans have clamored over the appearance that Strzok and the FBI maintained a bias toward Trump

Swalwell motioned for the House Oversight Committee to subpoena a lightning rod for Democrats, former Trump White House aide Steve Brannon.

Swalwell’s question was in response to several Republicans saying Strzok was in contempt for failure to answer some questions Thursday. Bannon, meanwhile, was allowed previoulsy by Republicans to evade questioning during his own testimony.

“Point of order, Mr. Chairman, will the committee also consider contempt for Mr. Bannon who refused to answer Mr. Gowdy’s questions when he was actually under subpoena,” Swalwell asked.

Unsurprisingly, the motion was voted down by the Republican majority on the committee.