Swalwell skewers Trump-Cohen audio tape

Cash, check, or @venmo. I don’t care what @realDonaldTrump said. He and @MichaelCohen212 are shady & shadowy operators. Rep. Eric Swalwell tweeting Tuesday after release of audio between President Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen regarding hush money for a Playboy model.

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  1. The good news here is that despite the facts, the recent NPR polls show that the majority of Republicans admire, trust and support all of what President Trump is saying and doing. The economy is doing really Well. As James Carvile said then “…it us the economy, Stupid”.

    Trump does not do well with women, Democrats, Renters, the unemployed, the homeless, and others who make up the Democratic party. If those folks come out in November there will not be much change, as they came out at 77% in June.

    No one trusts the Congress on either side. Most people trust the armed forces, police and supreme court, according to the NPR polls.

    The same poll indicates that more than 67% of all Democrats oppose Trump and all of his policies.
    That is because the budget and economy are booming.

    In Alameda County it is unclear how the economy will impact the elections. The smart money is betting on no change overall from the June results. Measures requiring two-thirds will fail. Measures requiring a simple majority will pass. Lots of new taxes and binds on the November 2018 ballot.


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