Beth Fouhy, MSNBC senior politics editor told Chris Matthews, the host of Hardball, to keep an eye on Rep. Eric Swalwell as a potential 2020 presidential candidate.

“Wow,” said the bombastic Matthews at the conclusion of Tuesday’s show. He added, with only a tinge of hyperbole, “That makes it 26 people running for President.”

Swalwell’s interest in running for the highest office in the land has not been a secret for more than a year in Beltway circles and the East Bay.

But Fouhy’s declaration Tuesday that Swalwell is indeed serious about possibly mounting a presidential campaign adds another layer to speculation that it may actually occur.

What’s is driving the news this week is Swalwell’s appearance Tuesday at a rally in Iowa supporting J.D. Scholten, the Democratic congressional candidate challenging Republican Rep. Steve King this November.

Swalwell is also scheduled to appear at next week’s Iowa State Fair, an appearance almost de rigueur for any candidate eyeing a run at the 2020 Iowa Caucus. Since early 2017, Swalwell has made at least a dozen appearances in the Hawkeye State.

Of course, Swalwell was also born in Iowa and moved to the East Bay at a very early age.