STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY-Episode 5: Political Shenanigans in Natemileystan (Castro Valley)

A Hayward councilmember running for mayor posts an odd photo of himself on Twitter; Pamela Price kicks off her own run for Oakland mayor with an impressive campaign video, and the debate season starts in Alameda on Wednesday night.

In The Breakdown, I take a look at the unelected Castro Valley Municipal Advisory Council, which serves at the pleasure of Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley. The CV MAC is essentially unincorporated Castro Valley’s de facto city council. But while the council doesn’t really have any power, its chair, a developer named Marc Crawford, went to great lengths to secure the position on Monday night. What happened will make you chuckle, then shock you in its brazen abuse of power.

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  1. Steve,

    The word that was missing here is Transparency for your Hometown. Castro Valley has a tangled relationship with its MAC, as does Nate Miley. All 5 of the MAC are really unqualified or as conflicted as you get.

    You left off the transformation of what used to be Daughtrey’s, as well as the real chronology of the MAC chairmanship. In addition the long discussion about the conversion of the former library to be come a Veteran’s center.

    As is the case throughout East Bay Politics, it is all about who is getting fat off the taxpayers. In the case of Castro Valley it is the cabal of developers. Lead on here if you would please.

    You were scooped by the Castro Valley Forum. Hard to believe, but it is true.

    As for Pamela Price, she will do well in the election and will poll from the same folk as Desley Brooks. Libby Schaaf will continue to do well with the White Folks and traditional Democrats.

    Keep up the good reporting on Alameda. That place is really the scuppers of an old ship that should sink on its own. As near as I can tell the only honest one in the bunch is the mayor.

    Aisha ought to hit a home run in Hayward. She is running with money against empty meat sacks.


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