STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY-Episode 6: Oops. I forgot to file papers to run for city council

All that work building a support system to run for local office and you forget to do the one thing that actually gets you on the ballot. A colossal mistake in Alameda gets lampooned on the podcast.

In The Breakdown. Rep. Eric Swalwell is really thinking about running for president. How might it go down? Or will it, based on past experience?

Also, politicians talk smack to me.

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One thought on “STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY-Episode 6: Oops. I forgot to file papers to run for city council

  1. Steve,

    Episode 6 is not any better than your story of Amos White the candidate of the Doofus Party who wasted folks time and then ran out of time and his checkbook and could not file in time for Alameda. Maybe this ran because you were using your podcast sarcasm as the meme for Alameda County. If so this cleverness will not get you either in a quality circle jerk in Fremont or the Mainstream News as well as your efforts at a Pulitzer for Podcasts. Say a little peepee in to the circle.

    Making fun of a decidedly inept wannabe politician like Amos White is like squirting lighter fluid on a quad in a wheelchair. Interesting for real sickos but not really sustainable I think.

    You are right that you are the only East Bay Centrist Pundit standing except for the East Bay Times. And given the recent history of the owner they may not be around that long either.

    Ullyssean memes for the Dubliner Smallwell are retreads. Muckraking Smallwell is realy easy. Keep that up. He is a fraud and a classic politician with no real heart. I do think you are right that the ever cautious former Tea Party Libertarian Smallwell who is now the self appointed Progressive Democrat will be fun to watch. I await his exposure on a national scale.

    Barbara Lee on the other hand is the real deal. Keep shining the light on her. She is casting aside her well earned Progressive Chops and seeking to join the New Democratic Party. The November Primary will tell us who will win in the mid-term elections. She is betting on the Progressive Democratic Socialists will sweep out the Democratic Party of Hillary-Obama-Clinton-Gore-Carter.

    Ro Khanna is betting with the traditional Democratic Party, hence the endorsement of the Fremont LGBTQ hating District 4 candidate Yang Shao. Better coverage of Fremont would include positions by the other Fremont candidates for their LGBTQ positions. Some that come to mind are Teresa Keng, Jose Jorpeza, Chandu Siramas, Justin Sha, Fahria Khan, Hua Li, Hiu Ng & Sylvia Wong. Just guessing but I think you may find little support there. Of course I could be wrong.

    The same is true in Alameda. The White Factions of the Steven Slauson Asian Haters, as well as the boneheads in ACT, the criminals like Stewart Chen, the Firefighting Apologists like Jim Oddie and Marilyn Ezzy Aschcraft, and the Spousal Contingent of Mia and Rob Bonta make for quite a cioppino. Not sure if all the candidates are free of demoic acid.

    Do kick off the Top Ten races and lets here the things to get really angry about. You might want to start with noted East Bay Progressive Democratic Socialist Leaders like Gordon Galvan and Stephen Cassidy who want to help the Eden Health Center as well as they have helped San Leandro.

    You could build a checklist for creds for the Alt Right, Trump Republicans, Traditional Republicans, Alt Left, Democratic Socialists, Traditional Democrats, the Libertarians & Anarchists. The only ones that are not single issue voters are the Traditional Republicans and Traditional Democrats.


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