STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY-Episode 8: Driving While Elected; Oakland mayoral candidates hella yell at Libby Schaaf

A Berkeley councilmember was pulled over for running a light and suggested for the police officer to let him off scot-free, telling her he had just voted for a big raise for her union. It’s the kind of thing that bolsters the sentiment of people who despise government and public officials.

In The Breakdown, I take a look at the first debate of the Oakland mayoral campaign season with a focus on the difficulty Mayor Libby Schaaf faces in rebutting her challengers’ argument that she has not done enough to keep the city’s homelessness problem from exploding into a full-blown crisis.

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3 replies

  1. Steve,

    Big Reviews? Besides my comments who else among the 5,706 followers have commented or reviewed? Sort of like Fake News?

    Ben Bartlett has made the news, but I have not seen either him or Nancy Skinner roundly denounced for their stands. You have covered both of these but no real comments from your acolytes.

    You nailed Bartlett well. He is as inauthentic as you will find. He is not a worthy successor to the legacy of Ron Dellums, who while deeply flawed at the end of his career was real in 1967. He was a worthy successor to CL Dellums who really was an advocate for the Working Joes.

    Tuff Sheds are better than nothing for being in the rain. The reality of Oakland is that with the exception of Tuff Sheds none of them or San Francisco have a clue of what to do about the homeless.

    To listen to Cat and Pam they want to offer empty warehouses so that the Working Joe Inspectors, Police and Fire can ignore the problem and barbecue them like they did with Ghost Ship.

    Pam and Cat are clueless but vocal advocates. Providing solutions is what they are not doing. At least Libby is doing something, even if it is temporary.

    Libby is a better bet than the others in the race right now.


  2. So?? Anybody can yell; let’s hear some tangible cogent solutions.


  3. This blog is just becoming a bunch of hype and made up drama. Most intelligent and those with at least half way decent critical thinking skills, realize that Cat Brooks and Pamela Price will not end up in City Hall. Libby Schaaf is not perfect, but she is far better then her challengers. She will be re-elected.
    Personally I am not interested in a neophyte taking over as Mayor of Oakland. In addition, most people realize that there are no one clear solution to homelessness; because there are numerous factors that has made this problem epidemic. If the solution were so simple, cities like New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco etc.. would not have a similar problem Anyone who promises to completely eliminate homelessness, will also to try sell snake oil!


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