STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY: Episode 11–Alameda County Democratic Party endorsement preview; interview with Pamela Price

After a brief vacation, I’m back with an extended edition of Steve Tavares Is Angry. With the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee set to bestow its backing for a large number of East Bay candidates on Sept. 15, I take a look at some of the possible storylines that may arise from over the weekend.

Later I take you on voyage back to 2012 to remind you of the worst person in East Bay politics–AC Transit at-large board member Joel Young.

In the hot seat, I welcome Oakland mayoral candidate Pamela Price to the podcast. You will find her take on how the central committee does its business quite fascinating.

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2 replies

  1. Totally terrific and enlightening podcast, Steve! Your long term view is frightening. I guess I’m an “angrian” too. You are providing us with deeply researched, insightful analysis. Thank you.


  2. Why is this woman being taken seriously? She. Is totally unqualified to be Chief Executive of a major city.


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