In a signal that opponents of 15th Assembly District candidate Buffy Wicks intend to highlight her very large and still growing list of contributors hailing from the corporate wing of the Democratic Party, comes a website dedicated exclusively to making the connection to each donor.

The website was created by the East Bay Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Wicks’ opponent, Richmond Councilmember Jovanka Beckles, is also a Democrat. However, she identifies as a socialist democrat and is endorsed by the East Bay DSA.

AD15 Nov collage
15th Assembly District candidates Jovanka Beckles and Buffy Wicks.

“As socialists, we believe society should be run democratically and for the benefit of people, not profit. No one should face oppression, state violence, or go without basic necessities like housing, healthcare, education, and a good job,” a passage on the website explains. “But the mega-rich don’t agree.”

“Some of these ultra-wealthy donors contribute to PACs and independent expenditure committees that boost Buffy’s candidacy but aren’t supposed to coordinate with her campaign; others give direct donations to her campaign (and plenty do both). She says she’s not accountable to them, but rich people know that money talks, and politicians listen.”

The site mimics the graphical design used by Wicks’ campaign and features photos and biographies for some of her largest donors, specifically those with ties to charter schools, establishment and corporate Democrats, and even conservatives.

Late in the June primary campaign, Govern for California, a political action committee, backed by David Crane, a staunch proponent of charter schools poured nearly $500,000 in support of Wicks’ campaign. Other charter school proponents and their campaign contribution followed.