Democrat Rebecca Bauer-Kahan’s campaign in the 16th Assembly District unveiled its first television spot this week. The 30-second ad uses red t-shirts emblazoned with her opponent, Republican Assemblymember Catharine Baker’s campaign logo.

Red, of course, is typically associated with the Republican Party, and blue with the Democratic Party. The commercial ends with Bauer-Kahan wearing her own blue campaign t-shirt.

The ad not only highlights some of Bauer-Kahan’s recent attacks on Baker’s record, but appears tailored to help voters make the distinction that Baker is a Republican–in fact, the only Republican in the East Bay legislative caucus.

While the 16th Assembly District is notoriously moderate, some Democrats in the Contra Costa and Tri-Valley district may not be aware that their two-term assemblymember is actually a Republican.

And they might be excuse for holding this general opinion since the area’s state Sen. Steve Glazer and Rep. Eric Swalwell, both Democrats, routinely host joint appearances with Baker.