CA17: Cohen apologizes for Michelle Obama tweets

Ron Cohen, the Republican facing Rep. Ro Khanna in the 17th Congressional District this November, apologized for a series of tweets he posted last week suggesting former First Lady Michelle Obama was transgender.

During a debate Saturday morning in Fremont, Cohen expressed remorse for the tweets he exchanged with a South Bay progressive. He later deleted the offending messages.

Khanna responded to Cohen by applauding the apology, and saying that he too has regretted a few of his own tweets, and added, “but not as bad as yours.”

After the tweets were reported by San Jose Inside, the issue along with some of Cohen’s past thoughts on 9/11 caught the eye of some mainstream media outlets.

2 thoughts on “CA17: Cohen apologizes for Michelle Obama tweets

  1. Of course doxxing people, threatening their families, calling black conservatives uncle tom’s and utilizing hate campaigns rife with false dichotomies and Marxist propaganda is completely suitable for public officials. Hate is threatening to burn down entire cities, murder and kill your political opponents on social media. Yet, to our friends on the left this is obviously justified, while making some politically incorrect statement, judged by one of the Democrat’s one million “isms” is real vitriol. Nothing like a group of public officials who cry victimhood at any and every chance, shout down opponents and justify Marxist revolutionary behavior, telling everyone else to be adults. No worries, eventually us adults will all be broke or move and your authoritarian measures will have destroyed the tax base that pays for this idiocy.


  2. Hate mongering people seem to use the same. Overused playbook; they will tweet something usually racist, sexist or some other “ism” , and then when the heat is on; they will reply with a luke warm disingenuous apology. Such an immature person is wholly unsuited for public office. Its “grow up time”.


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