STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY: Ep 15–ISIS lady; Alameda Fox News; fire and brimstone with Hayward council candidate Joe Ramos

Will Hayward ever receive salvation? Hayward City Council candidate Joe Ramos, also a preacher, believes only if residents seek a new path. Ramos leads a prayer and offers his vision for Hayward in the most passionate Steve Tavares Is Angry podcast yet.

Ramos Joe

Another Hayward council candidate, who is Afghan American, was asked whether she receives campaign contributions from ISIS. I give the back story on that, in addition, to Alameda Mayor Trish Spencer and the Alameda Sun’s article about my article. That’s right. An article about an article written in another newspaper.

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  1. I don’t know what journalism school you went to, but “Article targets Island’s mayor” is the greatest headline ever!!!



  1. The Hayward City Council Canditates 2018 race is getting close… – TheChoicesyoumakeJoeORamos2018

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