An Independent Expenditure Committee (IE) backed by labor unions is using the power of Cindy Brady and Mr. Furley against 15th Assembly District candidate Buffy Wicks.

A pair of short animated videos aim to link Wicks to billionaires who are funding IEs that support her campaign by using classic sitcom theme songs, including the Brady Bunch and Three’s Company.

“Here’s a story of a girl named Buffy,” starts a jingle based on the catchy Brady Bunch theme, “who was taking money from a seedy bunch. All of them had special interest like Big Pharma, no Medicare for all.”

The campaign is run East Bay for Working Families, an IE funded by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1021 and the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFTPE) Local 21.

Two political action committees held by SEIU Local 1021 seeded the IE with $120,000 late last month, along with $35,000 from IFTPE Local 21, according to finance records. Since then, East Bay for Working Families has spent more than $163,000 in support of Jovanka Beckles, the Richmond councilmember facingĀ  Wicks in the 15th Assembly District race next month.

The expenditures, so far, have paid for door hangers, mailers, Field work, and social media buys, presumably creating and promoting the two short videos.

The second video uses the theme song from Three’s Company to similarly to connect Wicks’ support from wealthy backers of Big Pharma and charter schools.