AD15: Wicks offering temp workers $16.50/hr to walk literature this weekend

Buffy Wicks’ well-financed 15th Assembly District campaign has long touted itself as a true grassroots campaign. But as the final weekend of a long campaign nears, Wicks is using a job recruiting firm to round up workers to deliver her campaign literature to voters in some Contra Costa County cities.

The campaign, which has spent $1 million of its own money this election year, is offering to pay its workers handsomely.

A job posting Friday from the recruiting firm Robert Half says Wicks’ campaign is offering $16.50 an hour for workers place door-hangers and campaign literature on doorsteps anytime from Friday to Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Potential hires must be willing to walk up to five hours and deliver an average of 50 pieces per person, according to the job posting.

Hiring temporary workers is not completely unique, especially during the final weekend before Election Day.

Furthermore, a campaign like Wicks’ certainly has cash to burn. But the use of well-paid temporary workers undermines a long contention by Wicks that her campaign is powered by enthusiastic crew of supporters.

2 thoughts on “AD15: Wicks offering temp workers $16.50/hr to walk literature this weekend

  1. I’m having difficulty finding the information about Jovanka Beckles’s campaign finance expenditures on the Sec’y of State’s website. I would like to find the evidence of her campaign paying people to distribute campaign info, as Buify Wicks’s campaign is doing. I’d appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.


  2. What an utterly bogus piece. In the last few days, Buffy’s campaign did pay a small # of people to distribute door hangers, as many campaigns do….and apparently Beckles’ campaign has been doing so as well. It was in JB campaign’s latest report (Sect of State campaign finance expenditures page)- that she was paying people to text, call and drop lit in the field, too. That said, and referring to the article’s last claim, one of Buffy’s campaign people has personally been able to fill over 270 purely volunteer shifts herself, just this past week alone. You have no clue about the level of enthusiasm.


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