Desley Brooks is done; Loren Taylor defeats long-time Oakland council member

Oakland Councilmember Desley Brooks, notorious to many in Oakland politics and beyond, but once beloved by the East Oakland district she has represented for 16 years, was voted out of office on an Election Night that also removed one of her colleagues from the council.

Brooks was trounced by Loren Taylor after ranked choice voting tabulations were run early Wednesday morning. Taylor won 39 percent of first-place votes to Brooks’ 27 percent.

But after five rounds of tabulations, the lead grew to a sizable 61.51 percent advantage for Taylor. Brooks finished with 38.49 percent, although ballots still remain to be counted.

Brooks Taylor forum

During a night when incumbents all over the East Bay were unceremoniously voted out of office, Brooks’ long list of transgressions and allegation apparently finally caught up with her following an incident that resulted in taxpayers paying $2.1 million in damages.

Tuesday’s results mean the Oakland City Council will welcome three new members for the second time six years. Along with Taylor, Nikki Fortunato Bas upset District 2 incumbent Abel Guillen, and a new member from District 4 is also assured.


5 thoughts on “Desley Brooks is done; Loren Taylor defeats long-time Oakland council member

  1. As a black woman who grew up in East Oakland through the crack era, I thought Ms. Brooks would make a difference. I believed in her display of passion. It’s very sad that all I’ve seen her do in my community was host annual free parties in Arroyo Park. The same park where D’wayne Wiggins, Vanessa Jones, The Wilson family, The Lima’s, The Halsell’s and many others watched drug transactions happen on a daily as they walked to school or to the then neighborhood 7-11 on 82nd and Bancroft during the toughest time in Oakland history. The same park were an ice cream truck can currently be found selling Ice Cream and weed to its customers. Arroyo is no place to celebrate… I wished she knew and understood the true history and did more than host an annual Party in the Park. She couldn’t have known our true history. Ask her who Billy Doo is… LOL! A real Oaklander can tell her.

    Now let’s talk about where I went to church… as a young girl, my family and I were tithe paying members of Allen Temple Baptist Church on 85th ave. 85th was a middle class neiborhood where many generations enjoyed The Boys Club, The bike Shop (not to be mistaken for The East Bay Dragons), Bus Auto Supply, Bell’s Cafe and much more… Hearing city officials lable this area as “The Living Room” (an area between 82nd and 85th and International Blvd. AKA East 14th now ritteled with homelessness and drug investation) ensured me that Ms. Brooks was over her head in the conditions of my once so beautiful neighborhood and could care less about these conditions. After 16 year’s in leadership, her district was worst off than it was when I was a young girl in the 70’s and 80’s.

    And I won’t even talk about how she disrespected an elderly Oakland legend and revolutionary, abused her subordinate and her sister instructed her “boy friend” to fetch unrecorded farmer’s market cash. Doesn’t sound like one who truly care about my city… I wish Sister Desley the best in all that’s ahead of her… But I welcome the vision, skill sets, passion and loyalty to our new City Council Member, 3rd generation native of Oakland, Brother Loren Taylor!!!!! Ms. Brooks is saying, “White Oakland voted him in.” Allow me to be the one to inform her… that is so far from the truth. There are many smiling in her face who voted for Loren behind her back. You had a good ride Ms. Brooks. Now allow the young Brotha do his job. Be happy and supportive. God has something for you. The people of Oakland gave you a chance for 16 years. Now we are giving this young man the same chance we gave you.

    Be blessed!


  2. Finally a REAL Oaklander who cares about our city! Congrats Loren!!! Thank you for taking back our city! Now she can care for her sick family member. Hopefully, better than she cared for our city.


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