STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY: Ep 23–Miracle in AD16; Interview with Hayward Councilmember-elect Aisha Wahab

Do you believe in miracles? 16th District Assemblymember-elect Rebecca Bauer-Kahan’s major upset in the East Bay seemingly caught everyone off guard. Now that’s she done it, how exactly did it happen? What unexpected East Bay legislator deserves a little credit for the result?

In the interview, Hayward Councilmember-elect Aisha Wahab gives a candid inside look into her successful City Council campaign. The push back and doubts she received from the Hayward establishment and her Election Day nerves leading to becoming the first elected Afghan American public official in the U.S.

4 thoughts on “STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY: Ep 23–Miracle in AD16; Interview with Hayward Councilmember-elect Aisha Wahab

  1. I think others spent more but saved because they ran in the past. Also the report doesn’t show all the money that was spent until election date. The others spent quite a bit of money or saved money using older material from previous elections. It is sad that money plays a role.


  2. *I was pleased to see that Aisha won her election. I was disappointed that it cost so much for her to win the election. She spent way more than her opponents. I think that she is correct in her assessment that this marks the beginning of Stage 2 for Afghan Americans and Stage 2 for Hayward and East Bay politics.

    What I think the election told us these 5 things. Consider the surprises in the election as well as their paradoxes. Look at the key local elections in Fremont,
    District 16, Alameda, Hayward San Leandro and Union City.

    1. Trump is Toxic and Republicans because of that Republicans cannot win in California.
    2. When Technology, Media, Gender, Ethnicity, Tolerance and Housing generate positions for candidates to espouse to the electorate
    3. The impact of District elections allows for greater ethnic voting. One needs only to look at the results to see that democracy is coming as stage 2.
    4. This election cycle is not based on funding but on unfunded popular wishes.
    5. The key local issues are not as clearly defined on a district basis so much as the ethnic basis and the turnout for the election.


  3. Great, another know-nothing politico hack that has never had a real job in her entire life and still doesn’t.


  4. Ha! I won my bet with Aisha. I knew she would get the most votes. I, like many people who jumped in to help her campaign did it for I think the same reasons–she works VERY hard and has answers to the problems, and if not, she will find them. It’s great she’s young, female, Afghan heritage and everything else, because she is what the future of the US looks like and needs to be, but in the end it’s because she is someone who can do a good job for everyone.


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