>San Leandro help for minority/women-owned biz

SAN LEANDRORegular council meeting, Monday, Dec. 3, 7 p.m.
ENTIRE AGENDA HERE | Next meeting: Dec. 10.
–DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS ENTERPRISE PROGRAM– Following direction from the City Council, staff will begin the discussion Monday night of a potential Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program to help San Leandro “create a level playing field” for the awarding of city contracts to minority and woman-owned businesses.

-–LINKS INCREASE– The shuttle services used by some of San Leandro’s largest employers like Coca-Cola, Costco, Walmart, and Kaiser Permanente to ferry workers from BART and other modes of public transportation is seeking about an $1 increase to its fee. According to a presentation on Monday, the rate that employers pay Links would increase from $22.87 to $23.85 per employee

>Hayward extends contract for auditing services

HAYWARDRegular council meeting, Tuesday, Dec. 4, 7 p.m.
ENTIRE AGENDA HERE | Next meeting: Dec. 11 (swearing-in).
–NEW AUDITOR CONTRACT– Hayward will extend for another three years its existing contract for audit services with Maze and Associates. The current deal is set to expire. Twenty-two firms were originally sought for bids by the city last spring. The proposed extension is for $110,000 annually and also includes an option for another two years.

>Feds lagging on VA facility at Alameda Point

ALAMEDARegular council meeting, Tuesday, Dec. 4, 7 p.m.
ENTIRE AGENDA HERE | Next meeting: Dec. 18.
–SLOW PROGRESS ON VA PROJECT– Alameda officials are wondering about the federal government’s timetable for moving forward on the 72-acre, $200 million Veterans Admninstration building at Alameda Point. In 2016, Congress allocated $70 million for the project. A letter was recently sent by the city to the VA, which is expected to offer an update at Tuesday’s meeting.

>Fremont residents support raising min. wage

FREMONTRegular council meeting, Tuesday, Dec. 4, 7 p.m.
ENTIRE AGENDA HERE | Next meeting: Dec. 11
–MINIMUM WAGE SURVEY– Last July, Fremont Councilmember Vinnie Bacon led the council in asking staff to begin community outreach on the issue of raising the city’s minimum wage. Preliminary findings say a vast majority of Fremonters favor accelerating the minimum wage to $15 an hour quicker than the state mandate of 2022.

–VICE MAYOR SELECTION REVAMP– Fremont’s expansion to a seven-person council requires some additional minor tweaks. Tuesday the council will discuss maintaining the current rotation allowing each councilmember to serve as vice mayor. To ensure this, each vice mayor’s term would be reduced from one year to eight months, according to a staff recommendation. It would also retain the arrangement whereupon the top vote-getter in the most recent election gets the first appointment.

>ALCO Ambulance provider contract; billboard ordinance

ALAMEDA COUNTYRegular board meeting, Tuesday, Dec. 4, 9:30 a.m.
ENTIRE AGENDA HERE | Next meeting: Dec. 18.
–NEW COUNTY AMBULANCE PROVIDER– The county issued a Request for Proposals in October 2017. Three bids were offered by the July 2018 deadline–Falck Northern California Corp., American Medical Response West; and Paramedics Plus, the former ambulance provider. A county selection committee later ranked the proposals in the previously listed order.  The proposed Falck contract is for five years, through 2024, along with an option for an additional five years.

Board planning meeting, Tuesday, Dec. 4, 1 p.m.
–BILLBOARD ORDINANCE– “In an effort to reconcile recent efforts to limit the number and location of new billboards with the protection of our scenic corridors, staff is proposing an amendment to the county’s zoning ordinance that will: (1) support an existing county program that allows billboards in limited new locations through a swap/relocation program; and (2) will rely on recently adopted Scenic Corridor overlay districts to develop a more local/community approach to the way scenic corridors are identified and protected.”