Don Jr. calls out Swalwell for retweeting erroneous news story about him

When a news report last Friday appeared to find a new contradiction in testimony by the President’s son, Donald Trump, Jr., about a hotel project in Russia in 2014, East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell jumped at the chance to comment on the story.

“A good lesson for all kids (and for anyone in the White House): the truth always comes out,” Swalwell tweeted shortly after the NPR article was published online.

But NPR later retracted the story after learning Trump, Jr.’s testimony before the U.S. Senate actually referred to a different project, therefore, not contradicting other testimony. It was more than enough for Trump, Jr. to attack Swalwell and other elected officials for latching on to the erroneous news story.

“You were saying Eric? Maybe you should read the correction issued rather than chasing yet another shiny object,” Trump Jr. tweeted Friday. “After 2 years of fails it just makes you look stupid (a fitting look for you). Obviously the truth isn’t convenient for your objective so I imagine you’ll stay quiet!”

Undeterred, Swalwell appeared on MSNBC on Monday and characterized Trump Jr.’s testimony before Congress as exhibiting a “consciousness of guilt.”


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  1. Swalwell is a putz. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


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