Cher pitches Eric Swalwell as possible running mate for Joe Biden

Cher, the actress and singer once known to prefer dating younger men, believes 38-year-old East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell would make for a good running mate for Joe Biden, that is, if the former vice president decides to run for the Democratic Party nomination in 2020.

California Sen. Kamala Harris, 54, would also qualify as a youthful change of pace to the 72-year-old Biden, said Cher, according to The Hill.


But when it came to Swalwell, Cher struggled to recall his full name,  “I can’t remember what Swalwell’s first name is,” she said.

Swalwell thanked Cher for the endorsement, according to The Hill. “I also give her a lot of credit for remembering the harder part of my name,” he added.

Both Swalwell and Harris are both potential candidates for the presidential primaries. But Swalwell has gone further than most, hinting a decision might be coming soon.

Appearing on CNN Thursday night, anchor Wolf Blitzer asked Swalwell about his recent tweet in support of Biden-Swalwell 2020. Are you a possible presidential or vice-presidential candidate, Blitzer asked.

“Yeah, or Swalwell-Biden. I’m open to entertaining both variations,” said Swalwell.

East Bay insiders are struggling to ascertain exactly what are Swalwell’s intentions for floating a possible presidential bid? Some suggest the presidential chatter is merely a trial balloon intended to raise his state and national profile, perhaps in advance of a bid for the U.S. Senate or a presidential run later.

Speculation that Swalwell might be seeking a vice presidential nomination is also often heard. In the case of Biden, a youthful alternative like Swalwell might make sense, but being from a reliably Democratic state like California might make Swawell a less attractive option when it comes to compiling the necessary 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

One thought on “Cher pitches Eric Swalwell as possible running mate for Joe Biden

  1. Not so sure about “has went”. Maybe this is a new meme? Spelling went first. Then grammar and now we are down to making up the language? Talk about non-news. Cher is an antique as is Joe Biden. Eric Smallwell will give Dan Quail a run for the record books for a mistake.


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