STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY: Ep 25–Former San Leandro chief in hot water; Dem clubs; Latinos in ‘Dro politics

The first-ever woman to lead the San Leandro Police Department is in hot water in her new job in Beverly Hills. Salacious allegations of sexual misconduct and racist comments by Sandra Spagnoli led this month to a $2.3 million settlement. Craig Williams joins the show to talk about Spagnoli’s tenure in San Leandro. We also air problems at the city’s chartered Democratic club, and discuss the rise of Latino politicians in ‘Dro politics.

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  1. Good to hear the push for Zocalo. When are you going to have Marta on? She and Craig and you would make for a spirited discussion. Sort of a Juan Peron and Evita thing to go along with the Democratic Club.

    Craig should run as Vicente, no last name. Viva La Raza!


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