Swalwell to visit yet another early battleground state

Over the past two years, Rep. Eric Swalwell has fueled speculation of a run in 2020 for president by visiting Iowa on numerous occasions. Recently he has sprinkled in visits to New Hampshire.

Now South Carolina, the site of the fourth early battleground presidential contest, is on Swalwell’s itinerary.

Swalwell will be the keynote speaker for a Jan. 19 black tie gala for the Spartanburg Democratic Party, according to The State, South Carolina’s top newspaper.

There is no timetable for when Swalwell will announce his intention to run for president, but the South Carolina event may be a strong signal that he not only intends to cultivate support in Iowa and New Hampshire, states where other potential candidates are also building networks, but also farther down the primary schedule.

South Carolina’s primary is scheduled for Feb. 29, 2020 and precedes the Nevada Caucus a week earlier.  Four days later is Super Tuesday, which includes nine states and features California, Texas, and Massachusetts.

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