Oakalnd Councilmember Dan Kalb was having coffee with his chief of staff just within earshot of City Hall last week when he saw a man stab a women with a knife.

Kalb, Olga Bolotina, his District 1 chief of staff; and two other Good Samaritans rushed to help the 54-year-old woman, who remains in stable, but critical condition. Kalb’s involvement in stopping the Jan. 2 attack was first reported by the East Bay Times.

“The four of us were trying to distract this guy and get him away from the person, and we threw some luggage at him. We threw some stuff at him, we yelled at him, and at some point he turned around and started to point the knife at us,” Kalb told KPIX.

Kalb is no stranger to danger. During his campaign for the Oakland City Council in 2012, which he won, Kalb was robbed by gunpoint in front his North Oakland home.

The robber stole Kalb’s wallet and later his iPhone, which Kalb initially could not find. “He’s frustrated, he may shoot me,” Kalb told Oakland North at the time.