Rep. Ro Khanna believes there’s a simple end to the nearly month-long government shutdown. Have each side picks two experts and put them in a room to mediate an end to the political confrontation that has left nearly 800,000 federal workers without a paycheck.

“Put them in a room, six votes, and have them come up with proposals that are going to be 6-0,” he told Cheddar, a cable business channel.

“People sue each other, they have disputes and somehow it gets resolved. It’s only in the United States government that we’re unable to move forward,” Khanna added.

It might not be as easy as Khanna believes since it’s well accepted that House Democrats hold a strong bargaining position over President Trump and his sole desire to keep the government shut down unless $5.7 billion is approved for building a wall on the southern border.

Meanwhile, Khanna bucked party leadership on Wednesday when he voiced opposition to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s letter to Trump suggesting she would postpone the upcoming State of the Union if the government shutdown continues.

A student of American history, Khanna told SiriusXM radio, “There are certain norms in our democracy that are important to preserve.”