Swalwell: Ssshh, ‘I’m announcing in two weeks’

East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell was overheard saying at a fundraiser Friday night in San Francisco that an announcement regarding his presidential aspirations is imminent.

“Don’t tell anybody, but I’m announcing in two weeks,” the Politico California Playbook reported Monday morning.

Swalwell was holding a fundraiser at John’s Grill in downtown San Francisco that included 80 “big donors,” according to Politico. Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker held a similar event at the restaurant earlier in the day.

This isn’t the first time Swalwell has hinted that a decision to run for president was upcoming. Last November, Swalwell said he would mull the potential campaign with his family over the holidays.

As the new year began, he has at various times offered comments strongly suggesting that he will run. While in New Hampshire last month, Swalwell described the likelihood of a run as “all green lights.”

Then, appearing on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher two weeks ago, Swalwell told the host that he would be making an announcement in a few weeks.

However, in the days since, Swalwell has received immense ridicule from the right after the release of the Mueller Report, which appears to offer insufficient evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia, an assertion Swalwell has forcefully made for more than two years.


2 thoughts on “Swalwell: Ssshh, ‘I’m announcing in two weeks’

  1. As always this has been about Smallwell’s ego. The good news is that he will lose and no longer be an embarrassment. The bad news is that this will open up a spot for Republicans to run somebody in 2020 to replace his seat. Lots of opportunities there. Not a good thing for the District.


  2. I suspect the reason this has drawn out for so long is that he’s trying to negotiate a plum committee assignment in exchange for not running. Especially with Buttiegieg running — no way there’s enough space for two 37-year-old white dudes with short resumes in this race.


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