HAYWARD: Wahab wants residents to have first dibs on city-backed housing, home ownership

With an eye toward limiting the displacement of Hayward residents, Councilmember Aisha Wahab wants Hayward residents to have the first crack at housing and home ownership opportunities that are backed by the city. Wahab plans to offer a referral on the matter at the next Hayward City Council meeting on April 30.

wahab aisha 1
Aisha Wahab

“This is not just a Hayward issue but an issue that is affecting the larger Bay Area, however, the City of Hayward is able to give Hayward residents priority preference in any program or services that the City of Hayward is involved, partnered, and/or leading,” Wahab wrote in the referral released Friday.

Hayward residents living in the city at least three years would be given preference for housing and home ownership, according to the proposal. Wahab is seeking support from the council to direct its staff to study the issue.

“This referral is to reduce displacement of long time Hayward resident and empower home ownership and to give them a fair shake on all the development taking place. This needs to be done,” said Wahab in an interview.

One potential major Hayward housing project that could be affected by the proposal is the Route 238 corridor lands, Wahab acknowledged, a set of nine parcels owned by CalTrans along Mission Boulevard and Foothill Boulevard.

Hero image 238 Site
A map of the nine CalTrans parcels on the Route 238 corridor that could be developed for housing in the future.

A generation ago, the properties were purchased by CalTrans with the intent to build a freeway extension. A lawsuit in the early 1970s scuttled the plan.

Hayward was granted control of the parcels from CalTrans in 2009 and within the next four years plans to finalize ownership on most, if not all, of the properties in order to redevelop each parcel.

In April 2018, a somewhat separate controversy involving one of the Route 238 parcels named Bunker Hill (#5 on the map above) erupted when existing renters living in single-family homes at the base of the Hayward Hills near Cal State East Bay asked the city for more time before eviction notices, years in the making, were served.`

10 thoughts on “HAYWARD: Wahab wants residents to have first dibs on city-backed housing, home ownership

  1. Why did the city of Hayward evict the longtime parcel 5 bunker hill/Maitland Caltrans tenants last year when as of today may 5 2019 all the parcel 8 tenants on bridge ct off of grove way in hayward are still living in their duplexes. Not right!!!!


  2. This is for the above message from the Caltrans tenant and his mother 76 years old with COPD. I totally agree with everything you said the city council members and the mayor are all hypocrites. They don’t care about the lives of the elderly yet alone the people on Bunker Hill! They’ve done nothing to help them not one tenant to relocate? it’s shameful that city elected officials have no compassion for the sick and elderly? And would displace them without any other place to live?


  3. I am really mad at rich guys buying properties keft right center and illegally remodell it and sell at a very unflated price. Not inky hayward but the country should say any person can own only 1 or 2 properties . no loop holes. Should be a cap. Or else iur children will never be able to buy ine or if they do they.ll be in debt all their lives. Its a shame the way rich guys gobbling up properties


  4. How come no one has contacted the media about the situation with the city of Hayward mainly city manager Kelly Mcadoo and Mayor Halliday abusing their power and using their unlimited resources to evict a low income dying elderly woman just so they can move forward in the process of developing million dollar homes? The city of Hayward boasts to the media about the millions of dollars they’re spending on building a homeless navigation center but don’t think twice about kicking a elderly dying woman on to the streets??? Also why haven’t any of the homeowners in her neighborhood rallied to her defense? I’m sure they are aware of what the city is doing to this poor woman. It’s not right. People need to take a stand and speak up. What if this was your mother or grandmother?


  5. I am one of two former Cal-Trans Tenants that still live in the Bunkerhill Blvd., Ct. and Maitland Dr. area.

    I wished people who speak do so with FACTS. The majority of the former Cal-Trans homes are (or were, for the ones that have been recently demolished) not in good condition. I have lived up here long enough to know that Cal-Trans was mostly to blame, even after the Route 238/Foothill Freeway project was declared dead by a Judge…because Cal-Trans misled the voters of Hayward. A few of the Tenants did nothing to help maintain their homes…A FEW.

    My home has never ‘looked like a Cal-Trans’ property until a few months ago. Why should I bust my butt to maintain it.

    My Mother has COPD (and lives with me for most of my 28 years here). She’s on oxygen 24/7. The City has done us no favors. They SHOULD NOT have released the Nov. 30, 2018 move out date to the public. It prejudiced the rental/home buying market in Hayward against us. They could have released that date afterwards. They then gave us 20 days to find a place to move…20 DAYS to find a place and enter into escrow. 20 DAYS in this marketplace. They set us up to fail. They also gave her soon-to-be ex-husband my new cell phone number and medical information (a Doctors Letter) that wasn’t going to be shared in Divorce Court for many months to come. He ceased paying alimony because of this. And City Hall doesn’t feel they should take responsibility for anything.

    The people to blame are Mayor Halliday, City Manager Macadoo, Asst. City Manager Ott and Analyst Stefanski. NONE OF THE PEOPLE who moved relocated within the Hayward City Limit. My Mother MUST, to remain close to Eden Hospital and the five Doctors who treat her. The City doesn’t give a f***
    about that. In fact, one of them doesn’t want us to relocate in Hayward.

    Just remember this three years from now when Halliday runs (again) for Mayor. Vote for somebody who will fire Macadoo, Ott and Stefanski and hope City Hall won’t be so dysfunctional and cold-hearted.

    The above mentioned people are political hypocrites. They’re elitists, we’re nothing but a vote and then trash in their eyes.


  6. I am a 100% disabled veteran who was homeless at one time in the city of Hayward. Today I am a home owner by the grace of god. I am outraged that the city of Hayward is in the process of evicting the last two remaining parcel 5 tenants that are terminally ill with no remorse and given no alternative housing to move to. One of the two terminally ill tenants they are evicting is a 76 year old woman on a fixed income that has end stage COPD and lives off of oxygen machines 24/7. I find it unconscionable that the city of Hayward and their city manager Macadoo would be so heartless and have no moral accountability to do such a horrible thing to the most vulnerable community member of the city of Hayward .


  7. All of these homes are in really bad shape and have not been kept up. They are mostly tear downs and rebuilds. Central Blvd and Bunker Hill are especially bad, but from what I have seen in Castro Valley they are bad also. I have lived on Central Blvd in one of the CALTRANS houses and they are on the fault line and have issues with the foundation and the property. They were never kept up and there is major problems. All I can say is tear down and rebuild. It is a nice quiet area below Cal State.


  8. Thank you for sharing this great info! Please notice that some of these CalTrans properties are in Castro Valley and we want a chance at homes before outsiders too!!! Parcels 8 and 9 and Ruby Meadow!


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