The first month of Rep. Eric Swalwell’s campaign for president appears based on a strategy of throwing ideas against the wall and seeing what sticks. So far, whether it’s gun safety or returning to a steady diet of cable news appearances attacking President Trump, none have done the trick.

Now, another ill-advised tweet by Swalwell on Tuesday, in which he advocates on behalf of gender equality, is being roasted on social media, if not for its ignorance, but its comedic buffoonery.

The word “man” is also not mentioned in the Constitution, hundreds of Twitter users noted, many with colorful language.

It’s no surprise conservatives quickly latched onto Swalwell’s gaffe, along with blunt commentary on his intellect. He has become a punching bag for conservatives in recent months.

The backlash started last November when Swalwell breezily suggested to a gun rights activist that the nation’s large supply of nuclear warheads would deter any insurrection that might occur if an assault weapons buyback program like Swalwell proposes ever becomes compulsory for all gun owners.

But, Swalwell may have made another blunder this week related to the U.S. Constitution, according to the Daily Caller. On Wednesday, Swalwell asserted in a tweet that Attorney General William Barr does not work for the President. The conservative website argues the attorney general, based on narrow reading of the Constitution, in fact, does serve the President.