Hayward to add 8 new cannabis permits and rescind one this week

Hayward is set to approve eight more cannabis permits on Tuesday night and may rid itself of one previously approved commercial distribution permit. Three of the eight proposed permits also received permits from the city during a previous round of approval for separate cannabis activities.

EBC AGENDA slateBAS Research, Empress Extracts, and Gurpreet Sing for manufacturing; Always on Time Consulting, and Precision Apothecary for microbusiness; Meristematic, Inc. for cultivation; CBRA, Inc. for delivery; and Mijosa, LLC for distribution.

Fifteen applicants applied for the permits. Three withdrew and two others were unsatisfactory. No retail cannabis permits were issued during the second round of permits.

Before opening for business, each applicant must be approved for a land-use permit.

Meanwhile, the city is seeking to rescind a distribution permit given to Vista Development Enterprises after it was learned the applicant allegedly has ties to a man who was recently arrested by Hayward Police on suspicion of running a large-scale cannabis grow site.

>> Regular council meeting, Tuesday, May 7, 7 p.m.
>> Next meeting: May 14.

One thought on “Hayward to add 8 new cannabis permits and rescind one this week

  1. Evidently, no one cares. In case you are wondering, an ordinary pharmacy can source marijuana just like it does other drugs. Special stores are not needed.


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